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Data Entry Guidelines

Fri, 25 Jun 2010 05:45:44

Data Entry Guidelines for Topics Project
- This pages 10 Cents USD per edited page, further detail when hired - Job Application

Directions for Data Entry
- You are to enter only facts, if you wish to be a writer you need to prove the value of your opinions

1. Photo is highest priority
2. The first line is an introductory line, you can write these words in your own words, that defines the title.
3. All pages should be completed pages, do not start a page you do not finish, there should not be a reason by the Data Entry person to return to the page.

What is a Complete Page that will get you paid?
1. One Photo
2. Body of content that is at leasts one paragraph or 250 characters.
3. Three External links pointed at relevant sites.

Body of Writing:

1. Run the spell check after you are finished, and before you publish.

1. No link are allowed in the body of writing.
2. Link can be entered at bottom of page, there is a title and

Fixing Links
1. Geo-Tags need change to USA links:
Example: this needs changed to

1. Use the photo from the index if you cannot find a better photo that explains the term.

Information Not Allowed
1. Copyrighted
2. Time sensitive
3. Links that sell products

Before Publishing:
1. Spell Check
2. Remove any bracket ()