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Lit of Travel Guidebooks, and the pros and cons of guidebook. How to use one, and why a paper one is better than the Internet? Explanations of guidebooks.

Travel Guidebooks

The only guidebooks you need are listed below with websites. I Andy Graham have traveled perpetually for over 15 years, visiting 90 countries. I will only recommend these four guidebooks for the savvy world traveler. Yes, other guidebook can help as city guides, but generally these four below are the only ones that properly manage whole countries and vacillate living within a budget.

Use one of these as your primary guidebook, then buy others to augment them, please note.

These four guidebooks will save you money: Most guidebook are written to cost you money, to keep you on a continuous splurge.

1. Lonely Planet

2. Rough Guides

3. Footprint Handbooks,

4. an online guide only,

List of the majority of Names of Guidebooks:

This list is a select sample of the full range of English Language uide book publishers from Wikipedia.

AAA/CAA TourBook
Blue Guides
DK Eyewitness Travel
For Dummies
Forbes Travel Guide
Footprint Books
Insight Guides
In Your Pocket
Let's Go
Lonely Planet
Michelin Guide
Moon Handbooks
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
National Geographic Traveler
Nicholson Guides
Not For Tourists
Rick Steves
Rough Guides
Spartacus International Gay Guide
Spotted by Locals
Time Out
Ulysses Travel Guides
Wallpaper City Guides

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Travel Guidebooks

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