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2013 The End of Travel Agents and Guidebooks

The tipping point has arrived, more people believe they are the expert, and guidebooks and travel agents are not needed. 2013 by Andy Graham

Tue, 26 Mar 2013 22:45:54


2013 The End of Travel Agents and Guidebooks

Travel Agents and Guidebooks will accelerate their race to the bottom, they will slowly dwindle to nothingness.

Nobody is allowed, permitted or believed to be a travel expert.

The public is empowered, they feel strong, they believe in themselves. It is now the best time on the planet to make a Bed and Breakfast, you can make insane profits with an big old house in the worst location in the city.

There is no travel expert willing to tell the public it is a bad deal, overpriced, and just is not a good idea. Everyone on the planet is nodding their heads, and looking the other way, the experts know the have lost the battle to the Internet. TripAdvisor, Kayak and Google win, and the public loses.

end of guidebooks


HoboTraveler.com is now as of January 1, 213, over 13 years old, and I have traveled every day of my life for over 15 years, I never stop, and I have visited 90 countries. I have written over 7000 travel articles, taken over 20,000 travel photos, and 700 plus travel videos. I have lived in over 1000 hotels.

That is an outrageous amount of time thinking about travel problems and solutions.

Do readers consider me an expert on Travel?

Do I know travel solutions?

People say yes to me, even suck up to me sometimes, but when I talk with them, or they write comments on this Blog... When we exchange e-mails, or I call them on Skype -- they treat me as if I need to listen to them. I need to listen to them, they are going to give me great advice, the general knowledge that will show me the way.
“They are the expert, and I need to listen to them.”

What a sucker, I could run some great scams on them!

I do not know when the day arrived for me, but for any expert on the planet, a day arrives when he or she nods their head, and listens to other people saying,

“Yes, that is nice, I hope that goes well for you.”

The Internet is the worst thing that every happened to the travel consumer, it has convinced the general public to ignore good travel advice.

I am not going to run scams, I am not going to give bad advice, I am not going to agree and go along with TripAdvisor, Kayak, or Google.

All the geese are truly flying the wrong way.

I am sad, all the expert I know, all the best knowledge, the best guidebook, my sources of knowledge are disappearing.

At the end of the day, I am a backpacker, a traveler of the planet. I made this web site, and write for only one reason.

All the sites, all the information, all of what I do it to make money, so I can travel, my first love is travel, it is my wife, my baby, my lover, it is me, I love living in wild-assed places on planet earth, and talk to exotic girls.

But it is becoming incredibly difficult to find expert advice, I can no longer buy a guidebook and trust it, I cannot find anyone who really knows a good deal. All the travel experts have decide working the long or short scam is quick and easy money, and the public will never know

I know.

The Internet Travel industry thrives because 99 percent of people believe they are smart. A con, or confidence game works, by making the person trust you, the con man works his fraud with confidence.

They make you believe you are smart, so you will agree to come to a conclusion that is false. More or less a con man gives you a lot of details, and make it appear that the decision is obvious.

The long scam, the Internet Travel Industry.

The end of travel experts, now everyone is their own expert.

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