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Universal Greeting for Any Country on Planet

Here is a video explaining how to say hello to any culture on the planet in way that is not offensive.

Learn a "Universal Hello" that is Acceptable in all Cultures

I am from Orland, Indiana, my name is Andy Lee Graham, it is a friendly Midwestern town in the Northeast corner of Indiana.

I am a lucky world traveler, I came from a small town culture that has a custom that keep me from being killed or robbed on a regular basis.

---- I feel obligated to say hello to anyone near me. ---

This means, if I get on an elevator, I say hello to the other people.

This means, if a person walks into a room, I say hello, and 100 percent of the time if it is a friend, I never ignore.

This mean, if I am on a sidewalk, alone, and another person is walking toward me, I say hello.


What a Hello Does for You?

1. It tells the other person you are peaceful

2. It opens the door for further friendship.

3. It proves to the other person that he or she is equal or even better social status than you.

Social Status?

HIGH - People of extremely high social status in USA normally say high to everyone, they are the charismatic ones in the room.

MEDIUM - People who want to be high social status often ignore the people below them, and create enemies.

LOW - People of low social status normally say hello to everyone if their self-esteem is not too timid

Are you high, medium or low?

Say Hello or Risk Being Killed or Rob

The bottom line is this, it is easier to rob an enemy, a snob, then a friendly person. Therefore, criminals and abusers will target the weak, obnoxious and unfriendly people.

If you need help, it is easier to help a nice person, than a grouchy person.

This Video solves the problems of saying Hello

There are many problems with saying hello to people, for girls it opens the door to the jerks. And vendors say hello to open a way to sell you something, it is always possible for all people to say hello, if they do not, they deserve in my opinion to get robbed. I am a visitor presently in Guatemala, the country does not need unfriendly visitors.

Example of problem in Thailand:

A high Y means you respect the person.

A low Y means you do not respect the person.

Life is good, when you look for the smiling face, and pass on the others, but there are times, when you can convert a timid or shy person into a good friends. If you believe a person is being a snob, better to avoid.

Andy Lee Graham


Note, I allow most people to feel they are of higher social status than me, or and often I allow them to believe they are smarter. I can do this by being first to say hello, and I can do the second by not correcting faulty thinking. Even my grammar is a way to allow you to think you are smarter. And, when people think they are smarter, they let down their guard, and I know more about them, then they think I am capable of knowing... too much fun!


I enjoy putting up practical tips, it is easy to do, and now that I can ban a person permanently, I can get rid of the problem people with one click.

The women from the USA here are crazier than the ones inside the country. When this person comes to Guatemala they are the same person, just in a different country.

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