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Green Travel is the goal, truly people do not want to destroy the Planet, what is needed is easy and convenient ways of being Green, here is a list.

   There is a caution sign, please beware when you see "Green," often what is described as Ecologically safe is the problem.

   Example: In northern Thailand they have "Ecological Raft Tours." They market this in a Green way, as if anything outside viewing the nature is Ecologically good. I went and discussed with a couple of companies, and they showed photos of Bamboo Rafts. They would say, we take you up river five miles and you float down, we then pick you up and bring you back to the office.

I asked,
"What do you do with the Bamboo Raft?"
The answer,
"We leave it, and make a new one up-river."
This ecological tour was destroying the environment for the sake of tourism.

   The goal of an Eco-tourism is to stop locals from using natural resources, and give them a job. In Kenya people would hunt for animals to eat, now the take people to hunt with a Camera, they are camera hunters.

    Generally the "Pivotal" way of going green is to stop the use of plastics.

Best Ways to "Go Green."

  1. Stay Home, they build new Hotels and destroy the environment.
  2. Home stay or go so the amount of buildings does not increase.
  3. Do not accept a plastic bag at the super market, carry in your day bag.
  4. Stop Buying items you need for luxury, buy items you need.
  5. Stop going on shopping tours of the city.
  6. Buy 5 Gallon re-usable bottle of Purified water, or demand the Hotel do so, whereby you can refill one bottle. This will be less plastic needed on the planet.
  7. Do not have the sheets changed daily, this will save on the amount of soap entering the water.
  8. Go to the fresh food markets, and purchase fruits, and vegetable, and use a re-usable bag. Do not buy process food in packaging.
  9. Re-cycle - This is 90 percent of the time just green-washing. Therefore what you need to do, is go inspect the re-cycle company and be sure the Hotel or Hostel is actually re-cycling. "You cannot expect what you do not inspect."
  10. Read a newspaper in common area, that is shared by many.
  11. Do not buy Movie or Music DVD's, put on your computer or memory storage, save on plastic production.

Please submit more ideas.

Sat, 21 Aug 2010 06:05:01

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