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GPS Altitude Checking

Questions and answers on checking the altitude with GPS - Is the GPS Altitude correct and how to test?

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 02:21:37

This site revolves around a travel Blog, with the Blog we give information on GPS coordinates and the altitude.

GPS on Ground

I wanted to learn where sea level was, the look in the well to see how high the water table was while in Ivory Coast. The streets were flooding and drained slowly, this caused me to believe the sand bar of Grand Bassam was saturated with water.
October 2010

How accurate is this GPS, this is difficult to answer.

Can a person go to sea level and test accurately?

I placed the GPS by Magellan on the sand in Ivory Coast, I wanted to learn how high above sea level I was and how far down was the water table.
GPS in Sand to Check Altitude