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Escape From Google Is the Goal

Google monopolistic policies are terrorizing small Internet sites. I will do anything to escape the grasp of, the evil empire.

Wed, 31 Jul 2013 06:37:18

I hate these techie control freaks! They have the whole Internet industry afraid to talk. Wow do you complain against a company we 100 percent need to survive?

I will do anything to escape the grasp of They are an evil monopoly that I despise. I am a businessman, an entrepreneur who has been self-employed in many businesses. I am 57 and have been self-employed for more than 25 years of my life. and all their affiliated, monopolizing sites have our Internet business in a stranglehold. You think the U.S. government has you by the balls? Well, Google owns mine right now: lock, stock and barrel.

What Google does is illegal but so difficult to prove. I need a team of super-techs just to document their evil forces at work:

– YouTube
– Gmail
– Google Groups
– Etc.

I no longer even care to play ball, I hate that company so much. I will keep receiving Google’s checks, but we are going to distance ourselves. I am ashamed to say I am associated with the company.

To be dependent upon traffic from Google, Facebook or Twitter is not a business: It is nightmare. It is not a business of working hard; it is trying to game people out of their money.

I want a just world where I do good work and am rewarded.

Presently, we have three strategies to escape Google:

1. Gain enough members that we do not need Google search traffic.
2. Sell products on, and new traffic will come from there.
3. Sell books, and traffic will come from the readers.

In the end, it is members (real people) who have worked with us and recommending us. But people are so mentally swamped, so overwhelmed, that I feel negligent in even trying to talk with them

I call up friends everywhere on the planet, and they seem to be slaves to either Facebook, their job or maybe the cell phone. Often, they seem to be too busy playing on their cell phone to talk on the damn thing.

Sitting down and having a conversation at a restaurant has become so annoying. Everyone is playing on their cell phone, as if a big video game took over their brains and held them hostage.

We need members to sign up, but apathy rules the world. People are apathetic because their brains are engulfed by technology.

Do not think for a second I spend my whole day on the computer. I spend less than 4 hours working on the Internet.

But I still believe in people and will never give up on human contact.

Andy Graham

Google is a monopoly that terrorizes small internet sites, and everyone is afraid to talk, because we need google.