Escape From Google Is the Goal

Google monopolistic policies are terrorizing small Internet sites. I will do anything to escape the grasp of, the evil empire.

I hate these techie control freaks! They have the whole Internet industry afraid to talk. Wow do you complain against a company we 100 percent need to survive?

I will do anything to escape the grasp of They are an evil monopoly that I despise. I am a businessman, an entrepreneur who has been self-employed in many businesses. I am 57 and have been self-employed for more than 25 years of my life. and all their affiliated, monopolizing sites have our Internet business in a stranglehold. You think the U.S. government has you by the balls? Well, Google owns mine right now: lock, stock and barrel.

What Google does is illegal but so difficult to prove. I need a team of super-techs just to document their evil forces at work:

– YouTube
– Gmail
– Google Groups
– Etc.

I no longer even care to play ball, I hate that company so much. I will keep receiving Google’s checks, but we are going to distance ourselves. I am ashamed to say I am associated with the company.

To be dependent upon traffic from Google, Facebook or Twitter is not a business: It is nightmare. It is not a business of working hard; it is trying to game people out of their money.

I want a just world where I do good work and am rewarded.

Presently, we have three strategies to escape Google:

1. Gain enough members that we do not need Google search traffic.
2. Sell products on, and new traffic will come from there.
3. Sell books, and traffic will come from the readers.

In the end, it is members (real people) who have worked with us and recommending us. But people are so mentally swamped, so overwhelmed, that I feel negligent in even trying to talk with them

I call up friends everywhere on the planet, and they seem to be slaves to either Facebook, their job or maybe the cell phone. Often, they seem to be too busy playing on their cell phone to talk on the damn thing.

Sitting down and having a conversation at a restaurant has become so annoying. Everyone is playing on their cell phone, as if a big video game took over their brains and held them hostage.

We need members to sign up, but apathy rules the world. People are apathetic because their brains are engulfed by technology.

Do not think for a second I spend my whole day on the computer. I spend less than 4 hours working on the Internet.

But I still believe in people and will never give up on human contact.

Andy Graham


Right on Andy! I tried to write a comment on USA Today yesterday and up popped a new you must fill out the following, etc.
Become a twitter member to make comments on this site. They already are locked in to Facebook.
I decided I could care less about making any comments and told USA Today I will not do so and won't bother reading their paper any longer.
Of course it's basically a losing battle as almost all (maybe it is all) such sites require us to do the same.
Oh well, ever onward into the future and I eagerly await the new chip placement in my brain.
Maybe I can use it for target practice.


George Washington in his farewell address warned of dangers they can and must avoid if they are to remain true to their values, and the dangers of permanent alliances between the United States and foreign nations.'s_Farewell_Address

The Hobo Travel Community refuses to share, or even associate your membership information directly, or indirectly with Google Twitter, Facebook etc. We do not want you to accidentally get entangled in other sites who feel no ethical need to protect you.

We are dependent upon Google for traffic, and we are working 24/7 to end that relationship. And the competition is Google, and they just started selling plane tickets, Google has no respect for any business, they will go into competition with any company, truly bad form.

The search serves up Google owned companies, acting as if they do not own them.

Our goal is to allow members to find trustworthy members, and when you see that warning sign, that says NOT to talk with them, to beware. I am a traveler, and refuse to give readers advice that is dangerous.

I do not want to make money by treating members as idiots, and trying to keep them dumb.

Travelers 100 percent need honest advice, or they will travel 1000's of miles to be disappointed, and lose 1000's of dollars. This is not a game, and you are not a game.


I have no desire to see how deep the govgoogle/nsa hole goes. I'm watching Andy's moves and trying to figure out a new LZ.

What's your choice for 'abandon ship' Andy?



My long-term plan is to have from 5-10 "Landing Zones," whereby I stay in each from 2-3 months, then circulate. Sosua, Dominican Republic is a very Americanized one, so many people speaking English. But, theft and violence, and the local culture is out of control

IN the end, we must have money to move from place to place. for me I am going use F.B.A. Seller Central, Website, and consulting for people who are trying to make a short list of 5 countries for retirement abroad.

Google, and the whole Internet is quickly turning into ragweed, where all the bad stuff grows, and snuffs out the good.


Top choices for abandon ship are: Sosua, DR, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala, Kara Togo, Natingou, Benin, roaming in Philippines, and trying to check out Medellin, Colombia, and Rio de Janero, Brazil.

In the end, I want an airport close to the landing zone, so I can move on when I am bored.


Thanks for the quick come back.

Wow. I've been around, but I'm going to have to look up three of those suggestions :-)

German is eager to give a work visa for any Native English speaker, but the winters are murder -- it is latitude Nova Scotia. Same with Canada..nice, but frozen.

Ever check Rotan? Belize? Nicaragua? I'd live in China if they'd let me, but the won't. I lived there a year teaching English. Very civilized people!

I'll post some pics soon.


I stay in Tela, in Honduras for a month, and one month in Rio Dulce, not the bay islands. Did not seem long-term friendly, but we do have web sites on the list for them. Nicaragua and the corn islands have been give game to people, they seem to think they are good, and I hear girl friendly. Belize has become too expensive, and has the ever to agresive Bob Marley, Dread bunch.

All places are great to visit, just know the next place in line, sequential or serial traveler.


Google is perhaps more dangerous and hate worthy than people know. They just partnered with NSA on the worlds fastest quantum computer, well, there are only two q-computers in the world, govgoogle has the faster. An infinite number of division between 0 and 1, faster than the speed of light. Control freaks I think.

Some of your places I have to find on a map:-) Surely you have traveled! The Philippines is a repository of yummy young ladies who prefer non-lecherous men my age. Very devoted.

I like the idea of a rotating schedule, that has merit, though it pulls up expensive travel. Just something to figure out. Heard about Belize and Costa Rica going over the cost top.

Looks like writing for a few bucks will be my for topics.


nory 1

Anyone can help?
I am looking for a good secure server far from the USA and a good browser...far from google.


No one should communicate with Warning Sign" profile photos.

Nory1, become transparent on who you are.


From Ice Dragon and Dragon, Chrome based without the spyware, and Mozilla based browsers. Using Comodo free security software, their DNS is automatically installed...a good idea. Another good Chrome based browser is SRWare Iron.

Good luck on the off-shore server. There are seven Mega-servers in the world through which all traffic must flow, five are in the US.


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