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Your Luggage Will Grow Travel Tip

Tourists and Travelers buy things, stuff, etc. This travel tip explains how to make your bag expandable.

Tue, 19 Feb 2013 08:53:56

Your Luggage Will Grow Travel Tip

How to manage gear that grows? First of all you must accept reality, gear really does grow for odd reasons, and people naturally accumulate new things to carry in their luggage.

One must plan for expansion, for sure carrying around plastic bags full of souvenirs is the sign the traveler was not prepared. We must accept reality, we buy things, stuff, junk, weird gear, all sorts of things we do not need, but want.

Expandable Backpack

Tourists and Travelers plan one trip, then live another one; there is no way the trip you planned, it the one you will take.

My guesstimate is that the average tourist returns from vacation with at least 20 extra pounds. I have seen backpackers out for a six month tour send home a 20 pound bag every month.

If you do not buy extra gear, souvenirs, strange and exotic items along the path, then you are the weird one out, but 99 percent of people buy tons of stuff.

I now have two grain bags, they are small, light, strong as can be, and when I am not using them, I can still afford to carry. I do not need to throw away, and buy again; they are quite light and small.

I buy new ideas for gear; I am constantly trying to invent travel gear, to make my life simpler. My bag grows full of gadgets, then I dump them, and try again, some ideas work, but most travel inventions are not sustainable, and my bag shrinks.

But, how does one attach these bindle to a backpack?