Travel Rug

A small towel made from nylon that dries quicky and has many uses, the count

 Travel Rug

I try to buy these cheap Chinese ones that fast dry.

List of uses:

1. To step onto when leaving the shower to allow feet to dry.

2. To place at bottom of the entrance door so mosquitoes or sunlight cannot enter.

3. Put at entrance of room to use as rug to remove sand.

4. Mop your room.

5. Sweep your room.

6. Extra towel when you are washing your beach towel.

8. Hot pad for cooking.

9. To stand on when plugging in thing with bare feet so you do not get an electrical shock.

10. Wipe of items or a table.

11. Small curtain or way to divert air conditioning air.

12. To wrap around shower head to create one solid stream of water that allows me to fill a bucket to wash or do laundry.

13. Wrap my dirty shoes or sandals so I can put into my backpack to control dirt.

14. To place under a sink drain that is leaking to absorb the water.

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