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Travel Gear by, Sold on Amazon

This gear sold on Amazon, and shipped by Amazon, so people have the best possible experience. To learn how to use them, Join Hobo Traveler, go talk with Andy as a member of, and discuss gear for travel.

Gear for Travel - Hobo Traveler Gear Sold on Amazon

Buy, "The Rules of Travel" 1st Book Written by Andy Lee Graham

T?he Rules of Travel Book by Andy Lee Graham

Buy Secret Pocket Zippers safely on

We buy secret pockets so we can stop worrying, to stop thinking about getting robbed.

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Hobo Travel Pillow, stuff it full of clothes.

Travel Pillow

Buy a travel pillow now on Amazon.

Save 100's of dollars on luggage fees.

Travel Vest

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Worlds Best Scrub Net

This can clean your back, your toes, you face, and dry in minutes. Exfoliates, and cleans the lympth glands, go organic, stop using soap.

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Unpack, and pack fast, it rolls up super fast, like shelve in room.

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Large Secret Pockets Velcro


No Chemical way to kill bugs, mosquitoes.



Organic this, organic that, the goal is to keep chemicals out of our lives, and insecticides is the worst, they kill bugs. This use the heat of the fan motor to attract all sort of little buggers, and slowly cleans the room. Dust is also collected, so when you turn on the fan, you clean bugs, and dust.



White Color

Stop scaring people when your towel falls off!!!!

Electrical Adapter Needed for World Travelers - You can use as plug, and for a light bulb, you insert into a light socket.

Gear for Travel - Hobo Traveler Gear Sold on Amazon

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