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This is Andy Lee Graham, founder of, inventor, innovator, and designer of many travel products. The products here are approved by me for world travel, most are designed, and manufactured by people contracted by Andy Lee Graham to insure top quality.


 --- Product Sold on, and fulfilled by for quick delivery.

Secret Pockets Zippers - NUMBER 1 Best Seller on Hobo

NOTE -- If your fingers are weak, then buy zippers secret pockets. If in doubt, buy the zipper secret pockets.

Secret Pockets Velcro - 2nd Best: These need stronger fingers. It is just a hair more secretive, as we can slip my fingers in, pull out one one paper bill.


This is one of the best inventions, it annoys me that I have not been able to explain the benefits better, it just is a great towel for anyone. Perfect for saunas, hot tubs, hostels, beach, anywhere you wrap a towel around yourself and start walking.

Stop scaring people when your towel falls off!
This is one of my best innovations, and just overlooked because people cannot understand yet, I will so more work explaining, sorry.  Truly is a valuable product for the home and Hotel, anywhere you walk with a towel.

Do you hate packing, and want to pack, and unpack super fast. This is the solutions. This is my first invention. This is perfect for business travelers, you can put many things inside, more than just clothing, unroll, or unfold and hang, super quick unpacking.

Djampe Quick Dry Traveler Scrub Cloth
-- This is really great for your health, avoid chemicals, go organic. Bug, please, please, it takes about a month of using daily before you understand all the uses. This product is better for a home, who needs a wash rag for 2 week vacation? But perfect for travel, just shake, and it is dried.


Organic this, organic that, the goal is to keep chemicals out of our lives, and insecticides is the worst, they kill bugs. This use the heat of the fan motor to attract all sort of little buggers, and slowly cleans the room. Dust is also collected, so when you turn on the fan, you clean bugs, and dust.

White Color

Stop scaring people when your towel falls off!!!!
This is one of my best innovations, and just overlooked because people cannot understand.  Think on this, it truly is a valuable product for the home.


Travel Security Training Kit - Everything you need to protect your valuables, anywhere, and everywhere on the planet.

Caution, this requires understanding, or you will think it is stupid. Do NOT buy unless you can learn from Andy This product is beyond the learning skills of most traveler, do not buy.

Electrical Adapter Needed for World Travelers - You can use as plug, and for a light bulb, you insert into a light socket.

-- This is way beyond the understanding of normal humans,
you need to be an electrical expert to know how to use this. It is for the double bayonet type plugs in Africa, Asia, and weird places.

Obama Under the Table Deals Table Leveler

Donald Trump, Under the Table Deals Table Leveler

Jeb Bush, Under the Table Deals Table Leveler




The travel gear on this page is explaining "Essential" gear for professional travelers who are on trips of a year or more.

USA Road Trip Gear

Gear to buy on that Andy Likes

This section of is to educate readers to the various types of gear. There will be an emphasis made in this section to show gear that can be purchased anywhere on the planet because Andy Graham as a professional traveler does not return to home to buy gear in shops.

Backpackers Read Here

Travel Gear, everything is luxury after you have a Passport and an ATM Card, we hope you buy travel gear to make you life more comfortable. Generally newbie travelers are confused by the trendy and fun gadgets on the market, and what is needed, then feel remorse when they throw away gear along the path.

Truly the lesson to learn is what gear soon become trash, because when you purchase gear you need to carry it, the weight of an item soon beats you down and you part ways. However, travel gear should make your life better, it should perform as least one function and hopefully three.

Example: I carry a cotton hammock, I use for a blanket, hammock, beach blanket, curtain and sometimes a towel.

Two Wheel Luggage Cart

First World Two Wheel Cart
    Contrary to what you believe, the Third World travel is easy, and the First World is difficult. In the Third would which is 85 percent of the planet people can always afford to take a Taxi for 1-3 Dollars US.

    However, in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, and expensive choices you need this cart or two wheels on all your luggage. I suppose the First World is convenient enough if paying a taxi 30-70 Dollars four times per day is not a problem for you.

    Bottom line, I do not go to Europe without a Cart connected by Bungee Cords and Rope to my Backpack.

10 Types of Gear You Need to Buy at Home

  1. Smartphone
  2. Zip lock Bags

  3. Gun Locks Gun Lock Walmart
  4. Socks and Underwear

  5. Reading Light Reading Light
  6. Computer to make sure English is operating system.
  7. Backpack
  8. LED Flash Light or Torch for on Keychain LED Keychain Flashlight
  9. Two Wheel Carts
  10. Rope - Hard to find many types

  11. 14 Guage Solid Copper Wire to make Universal Adapter

10 Worst Travel Gear People Purchase and do not Need

  1. Camel Pack Water Hydration Bag - How do you clean, water will destroy computers, and electronics, this is just an extra bag, a traveler can only manage two bags without a problem. These do work for bikers and treks of many days.

  2. Pac Safe Wire Mesh Security - Generally the first thing to be dumped on a Backpackers trip. I have been offered them three times for free, the person paid too much money and wants someone to benefit.

  3. Water Bottles - You will lose it, so may as well carry a bottle of purified water.

  4. Mattress Pad for Sleeping Bag - Hmm, if you need this, you should not be sleeping in a tent, the normal strategy is to make a bed of soft grass.

  5. Propane Cookers - You cannot buy the refills, you cannot take the fuel on planes, leave this at home.

  6. Extra Mosquito Repellent - The most dangerous item to have in your bag, and you want to carry extra.

  7. Water Purifier Pump with Filters - This is too much, too big, too difficult, and too far extreme for the average person on an average trip.

  8. Rain Jacket, this is only needed if you are going to walk for days in the rain, the better option is to buy a small umbrella, and stay cool and comfortable.

  9. Medical Kit, maybe you carry a couple of band aids, but generally there is this type of things anywhere on the planet. If you are going to the jungle for a week, then you may need.
  10. Pop open water bottles, pop open toothpaste, pop open shampoo, they do just that, they pop open inside your pack. Goooo....

Travel Gear You need to Purchase Overseas

  1. 3-4 Electrical Receptacle that will take slotted or round on the end of a 3-4 meter long cord.
  2. Ends of plug that converts slotted to round and opposite
  3. Twist in and push electrical light bulb socket, makes out of a light socket.

10 Best Gear Choices for Professional Travelers

  1. Gun lock, or dog chain to lock up bag inside the hotel rooms.
  2. Locks for bag, and convert bag to lockable bag with plastic wire ties.
  3. Bucket to be used for dip shower.
  4. Mosquito Net / or Pieces of mosquito nets to tape over windows.
  5. Hot Plate - Hopefully 700 Watt, too big and you blow fuses.
  6. Cooking kit, used for alcohol cooking.
  7. Universal plug using 14 Gauge solid Copper Wire
  8. Clothes pin, with clothes line from parachute cord, the shoe string cord works great too, but hard to buy.
  9. Light you can hang for reading.
  10. Extension Cord, that connects to one adapter at wall.
  11. Nylon Jacket that fold up extremely small.
  12. Computer Bag that folds up into small pouch, normally purchased in Airport.
  13. Small Umbrella

10 Best Gear Choices for Backpackers

10 Best Gear Choices for Resort Travel

  1. Swimming Clothes
  2. Extra duffel bag, that is carry up to 60 liters for purchases made.
  3. Sun Glasses
  4. Sandals
  5. Dress Clothes in the event a famous person ask you to dinner.

10 Best Gear Choice for Business Travelers

  1. Smartphone
  2. Black Pen for Documents
  3. Secret Pockets
  4. Plastic or non-metal items if possible, belt, shoes, etc.
  5. Universal Electrical Plug Adapter
  6. Language Electronic Translator

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham with over 20 years of continuous travel, 111 countries.

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