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Anti Theft Pants Stops Money Falling Out

Money falls out of pants pockets, here is a video explaining solution. Make all your pants anti-theft, buy secret pockets from

It is 50 / 50, half the time we are robbed, and the other half the money is lost by simple travel confusion.

You can make all your pants anti-theft pants.


Buy secret pockets and make all your pants anti-theft pants today.

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These are a great idea, I think. I had the same idea a year or so ago (but didn't act on it or search for examples). I just put in an order for 10 and will install them into all of my travel pants and shorts, and maybe a couple travel shirts. I also considered the back washing net, but I just buy a back scrubber (nylon shower pouf on a handle) at the dollar store and leave it behind with a foreign friend when I leave.

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