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20 Pieces Of Travel Gear I Carry, And Maybe Nobody Else Does

20 Pieces Of Travel Gear I Carry And Maybe Nobody Else Does - Gear For Travel

Wed, 24 Jun 2015 07:05:58

The 15-20 Things I Pack for Travel, And Almost Nobody Else Does

Video: Least Needed to Start

Least needed to start!

20. UBS Modems
19. Spy Camera
18. Microscope camera
17. Temperature Timer
16. 12 Volt converter for computer

15. Sound Detector - 100 percent needed for Hotel reviews
14. Indoor, Outdoor Wireless Thermometer - Extreme fun
13. Candles
12. Toothpicks
11. Plastic Trash Bags

10. Hangers
9. One Minute coffee
8. Bottle of pepper
7. Tuna Can and Cooking Pot
6. Fitted Queen Sheet, with 2 Pillow Cases

5. Scales
4. Light bulb converters, alligator clips.
3. Mosquito Net with Plastic Tape
2. Bucket
1. Clothes Line and Clothes Pins

And, surgical steel scissors, really cannot leave home without them.

Thing I sell, and would never leave without.
1. Secret Pockets
2. Organizer
3. Towel
4. Bug Bagger
5. Converter
6. Security kit
8. Zip bags


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