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Chicago Hostel has this can opener chained to Microwave. Very smart.
However if above the sink we could also clean.
I do not pack this, just and extra photo in the middle of all the others.

My library card. I can order books online and when I go home I can have them quickly on the day
I arrive then copy them with copier if needed. I would love a high speed scanner.

StaTravel Student Card purchased in Street almost anywhere, but very easy in Thailand.

Put this on end of slotted American plug and it makes into German 220

Extra Thumbs. Note the lid need to be attached to the thumb so you do not lose, this is not the case here.
Plus this thumb is too fat and will not fit inside the small areas.

This is a wick holder to put onto of beer bottle to make into lamp with kerosene.

Extra small pouch. I put my Nepal, Colombia or funky extra money I have. The bright
color makes it easy to see.

Sinus Medicine for Altitude headaches or pressure change headaches. Jet Lag

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