What I Pack 14

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Anti-biotic cream

Light the stove in Hostel, Light the candles. Light the alcohol stove

Sinus Medicine for when I come down from High Altitudes to fast and get a headache.

Large bottle of multi-vitamins

10 Gigs Hard Drive for back up, note I am carrying so if I lose, I lose both copies.
This is only a backup for when the computer has problems, not total theft.

Army Pants.

The new Army Pants have pull cords, this will keep mosquitoes out and help with bikes.

Secret pockets I have sown into the pants.

This adjuster is good, elastic will eat into skin if you wear the pants for days.

Buttons can be repaired, zippers cannot easily be repaired.



Thumb Drives. 128 K - I have FTP and Email client on this drive. It is a backup of critical informatio.

Essential device, screw in device that makes two outlets from a light socket. The pull chain helps.

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