What I Pack 13

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Number 11 Fish Hooks for hanging all my items in bag including my backpack on the wall.

Placing small pouch into backpack organizer.


Motion Sickness medicine, I hope, problem with drugs. I really should label.



Compression bag for shipping things home or when way over normal amounts of bags.
I can hang on outside of bag.

Backpack Organizer rolled up like sleeping bag.

This is an experimental hook made. It does not work. Out of balance. Made in India.
The hook on back was for hanging a towel or clothes.

That little eyelet screw is for making a hook on wall to hang the backpack organizer.


Fanny pouch with snap clips to hook onto belt loops for security

Lightweight three level pouch.

The copy of heavy one made in Nepal

Glass case and extra pens. Caution with pens, the ones purchased in underdeveloped countries will explode.
That adapter on right make a slotted plug into around 220.

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