What I Pack 12

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Secret Pockets to sew into pants.

Extra because I buy clothes along the path.

Small bags where I store country coins.

A sewing measure tape, I am a gadget person and need to measure things.

Very small USA flag. Note it has 50 stars, not all do.

Two Permanent Ink Markers. Use to mark food in Hostel or Mark as mine.

Extra number 11 fish hook, note this will not be allowed on plane.

Cutter for me to modify the electricity in Hotel

Black Electrical Tape very stick and better than Duct Tape, because you can remove.

Phillips Screw driver

Alligator clips so I can cut into wiring in room and connect directly for electricity to read or computer.

I use the tape so the cannot touch and arc the eletricity.

This is a wireless cord to antenna wire.

Utility knife

Electrical Heater device I am going to install in a water bottle to purify.

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