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A velcro strap with small hole to use a belt, I can attach or hold together items.
I used 4 of them to hold together my camera when the battery compartment broke.
Work like removable tape.

I pick up these soaps, and use when the shower is very good. However 90 percent of the time
I use my shampoo because impossible to take a great long shower.

Roll on deodorant, floss, lower pocket that allows water to escape.
Note I used a one gallon plastic ziplock bag doubled for years.



This is a compression bag purchased in La Paz, Bolivia for one dollar. I have three.
I can put my backpack organizers inside and also use as luggage when needed to ship home.

This is nylon cord used for hammock. I can also use to tie my backpack up, or maybe
for a clothes line. I like all gear to have two to four uses.

Storage bags. When in Asia or South America I purchase anti-biotics for use in expensive countries



Sample of materials I am carrying to make backpacks.

Plastic holder for passport to protect from water and damage.

This is the best type, a pocket and snap.

One Gallon Zip Lock Bags, lots of extras however heavy.

A Mosquito net, the one or two time you need per year is all that is necessary.
NOTE: I consider anyone going to Malaria areas EXTREME stupid if they do not carry a net.
Prevention is better than the Malaria Medicine.

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