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That is insect or mosquito repellant, very dangerous stuff to carry.
Note you can use to clean, will take glue off items.

Very old tube of number 30 or something sunscreen.

Top of my bottle that stops it from leaking shampoo.

Sink stopper, just used yesterday in Berlin Germany Hostel, because it cost 7 Dollars to wash one load of clothes.
I will go into the two pieces of clothes washed daily mode.

Alcohol for cooking fuel and to deep clean or a quick cleaning of armpits when
getting off 30 hour bus or train trip. or around the world plane trip.

A good bottle will have this plastic stopper under the lid.

Toothpicks - I use black electrical tape to hold on lid.

Mirror, purchased in La Paz Bolivia for 25 cents US. It has lasted a few months inside my bag.
Very huge problem finding or having a mirror in cheap hostels or hotels.

Great I can hang on something, normally my backpack organizer.

Cheap Bic - Note a double will clog full of whiskers, and hard to keep clean.
Better single edge.

Extra toothpaste lid. The pop open type pop open inside the bag.

This is fluoride for my teeth. Water around the world or purified water does not have.
Fluoride make the teeth hard.


This is a lice comb, purchased in India, however just for protection I use all the time to try to get
one before it can attach or lay eggs. Preventive medicine.


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