What I Pack 09

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Two Pairs of swim trunks

A five dollars sweatshirt

Very long needle, used to sew or fix my backpack. I use fishing line as thread.

This is used to make a hasp on door, so I can put a padlock on my doors.

Bullet Casing found in Basra below our table

India Adapter and ESSENTIAL - I  carry two and this is an absolute needed, Hard to buy item.
You often need to plug into the light socket. This allow me to use the funky two prong light bulb sockets
like in India or very old places for a plug. Northern Africa seems to use also.

This is a dentist tooth cleaner.

Can opener purchased in Wal-Mart or you can buy in Army supply store. Very small

Me making multiple layers of one gallon zip lock bags, when you have needles, or sharp objects inside.

I roll up and place my pants in top to keep the backpack organizer wider.


I notice I must have forgot my sheet straps. I am going to make some and use safety pins,
Then I will pin them on outside of sheets and I can see them always.

I have large wide shampoo and conditioner. Keeps my shower bag wide.

Shower bag. Copy of heavier bag, made in Nepal. Most are too heavy material.


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