What I Pack 08

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Backpack Organizers. Three


I have safety pins and lots.

That is a secret pocket hooked onto bag with safety pins, then has a nylon cord inside.
Sheet straps, and clothes pins inside. I store the laundry soap below when I am carrying.


A wide light cotton cloth bag. Made in India.

Ah, the number 11 hook used to attach to walls when the idiot hostels do not give anyway in the world
to hang anything.


Best place to hang my shower bag.


Normal blue semi nice sure so when I need to dress up a little.

My universal plug adapter. I conned to end of cord an push into plug. Works anywhere in the world
in any type of outlet. / Number 12 or 10 Guage.

Army Pants

My clothes line

Soap holder for the cheap clocks from China. Will protect lightly fragile stuff.

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