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Hunting Vest to use for storage and when I use discount airlines. I load up with
all my heavy items and take about 5 kilos or 10 pounds from my bag.


Cheap name tag, use a lot, because the airlines know their own.
See the 001 They need the country code to call, they are not that smart.

My computer bag, I do not need this, however I NEED this for airplanes.
I load with all my rocks and they consider this like a purse and allow the weight.

Software in the event I get a virus and need to format hard drive.
I really do not worry much about Viruses because all my data is backed up.

Cord for Camera - USB - Note the Sony chip performs the same as a thumbdrive.

I keep 8 1/2 by 11 items below the computer. - Padding / Protection and heavy.

My carry on size bag with expandable top ready for Europe on two wheel cart

Reebocks, the good type, made in Indonesia and the rubber does not smell.

Backpack Organizers in Hostel. I can hang shower bag and towels.

This Hostel has a wood rail around the top of room, great for backpack organizer. That is a large
number 11 Fish Hook hard to buy, however perfect for hanging.

50 Cents in China and 7 dollars in the USA.

I close this and do not feel bad when I lose or it breaks. It has a switch that will turn on if exposed inside the bag.
Then you are riding or in storage and the alarm goes off. That little switch needs protected from bag.
I purchase a very large plastic soap case for the 50 cent ones, to store. I do not have a watch because it looks
like I am richer, so I put this in my army cargo pockets.

I carry plastic clothes line clips to hang towels, and dry. Amazing how many travelers are PIGS

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