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Carabine clip to connect bags together, or hang on wall. Note that people will steal these devices.
You should not just have hanging on the bag. I am searching for one that I can use with a one inch nylon strap and
sow to the bag. They do have locking one with combinations.

Carry Strap on bag

This is my backpack or front pack that also grow large for a full size bag.
The bag is 14 x 22 x 9 inches, the exact size acceptable for plane.

Pull cords, however they catch on everything and need to be inside.

Locking system / Plastic clips are large in diameter, the shanks too large.


Small cloth bags for miscellaneous items. Washable and light.
Exact width to fit in pocket of Backpack organizer.

This is a air sickness bag

Number Seven Umbrella, a poncho is extremely inconvenient, I use this constantly.
I also have lost six of them, do not lend or you will have it lost or broken.
I also have a poncho, however more to protect my backpacks or a cover when cold.

Hard plastic CD Rom Case. I use tape to keep closed or it will pop open inside the case and damage.
This can be used to send them home, anyway you do it though CD Roms to NOT protect or save your photos
or information and have many problems.

Lonely Planet Europe Rock

This is a very light nylon insulated jacket. I can wad into very small ball. I purchased for 10 dollars in
a Dollar General store. Jackets in other countries are too small and junk.
This is probably made in Indonesia or India however hard to buy there.
I then use a sweatshirt and layers. A very heavy jacket does not work. You must
be able to adjust the level of warmth needed.

This is my little day bag. When on the back it both looks cheap, and the straps pull up and there is
no way to unzip or open when on my back. Simple, cheap, ugly and efficient.
A great place to carry a 400 Dollar Camera, and does not look like a camera.
Camera cases are screaming. ROB ME
Same width to slide into pocket of Backpack organizer.



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