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This is a rain cover for my backpack, purchased for one dollars U.S. in La Paz, Bolivia.

This cord needs an adjuster do it will stay closed. In a backpack I am designing there
will be a pock on the outside of the bag, however the cover will be lose so you can use it
for covers for other problems.

A rain cover to me should not allow any water to pass and should not get soaked or absorb water.
However this causes condensation and you must dry well or it will mildew.

Cover on my bag


My Key Chain, the L4 round is the Hostel key in Chicago and I connect.

My computer with name and email on written on cover.

I store coffee in peanut butter jar.

I store the spoon inside the coffee

I was using these Subway or McDonalds cups in the Hostel, so I would not
accidentally lose my own cup by leaving in the TV room.

My present backpack. Three handles for easy of lifting.

Cover for straps so they do not get ripped off bag

Hide this in bottom

My Electrical cords. Charger for batteries

That adapter on the left allow for either the 220 German type or slotted.
There is a Velcro strap on the one cord so I can strap to a leg of a chair.

This is the idea type of slot, hold or accepts round or slotted.

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