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I have three of these in my bag. One has the 220 German type and the other the slotted USA type of plug.

USA on left, German on right. Note this looks like India, however not the same width.

Strainer I use to make coffee in countries that do not sell instant.

Can Opener you can buy at Wal-Mart of Army Surplus.

Tuna can to use for alcohol stove when I do not have electricity.

Steel Spatula for cooking in Hostels. Many Hostels do not have spatulas, although they seem
to believe they are fully equipped. I often use my own, because the Hostels are dirty.

Cut off knife so it will fit into my pots.

Miscellaneous clips, carabines, and one packet of Instant. The instant pack is great for airports where
bringing out a whole bottle of instant coffee could bring too much attention.

My alcohol cooker. I put water in the bottom and float the can, poor alcohol inside and light.


Index cards for taking notes

The is a switch for regulating 220 to lower amounts. I will use on fan so make more quiet in the future.

My storing of stuff inside cooking pots for protection.


I place this cut-off 5 gallon gas can in the bottom of bag. It make it easier to sit up on the floor and to make a two-wheel cart
possible to use.

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