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Flip Flop Sandals, needed for slippers in the Hostel rooms and going to the common shower when very dirty.
In Asian countries I would consider it standard as you must take your shows off to enter businesses sometimes.

This 5 gallon plastic gas can was cut into two pieces so I can use for a bucket.
I place in the bottom of my backpack and place items that can break and heavy.

The duct tape is on the edge or it will slowly cut my backpack open.

220 Speaker Fans used to cool or to circulate heat around my rooms.
The 220 ones work in 110 however slower.

Plastic one gallon zip lock bags, used for everything.

Poncho for rain, however is also a blanket for bed when very cold, in the bus, and serves to cover
my backpack sometimes on top of the bus for protection from rain.

Toilet paper with the cardboard roll removed so I can store easier.

Two Glass for my coffee, I store a light bulb inside when traveling for protection.

This is a clock gave to me in Chicago, supposedly it will read a radio signal and then register the
correct time.


I place my cups inside a plastic bag to keep the water from dripping around inside the bag.

My cooking pot, rectangular and easy to store.

I keep items inside that will break and all my cooking supplies.

220 One Cup coffee cooker used for coffee water, water with my pail to dip shower, tea, etc.

I purchased this in Bolivia, however they swear the heating elements are from Japan.

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