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This long shank lock is used constantly to connect my two backpacks together for safety from theft.

Lion is a Peru Brand I believe, however you need to very careful with locks, especially the China brands.
One key can open most locks in many cases.

My large backpack placed on a two-wheel cart.

I purchased this two wheel cart especially for Europe where I must walk ten times more than in
Asia or Central / South America

This is a cord given to me to tie my back shut for the airplane.
It ties and unties easily, many ropes do not untie easily. I will run the cord through the pull tabs on my zipper sliders
and tie then maybe 5 knots, this slows them down, however does not stop.

This is a very small lock for my padlock sliders on the zippers. I am doing this with the
pull tabs however this will break them if done while in transport.

This is an extra loop on my bag, I store the locks here when I am not using so I do not lose them.

This is a padlock slider, very good however it requires a very small shank lock to work.


Padlock Slider

This is the clips over the zipper to take the pressure of the zipper so it does not break.

This identification name tag was sown onto the bag. The only way to put your name on the bag is if you have
access from the inside.

On the cart and using the supplied bungee cords. Bungee cords are convenient, however are not dependable.
A good solid rope is need for real protection, to use for minor uses is great.

Tying my pull tabs together for the airport, this will cause them to break with rough handling.
Only about 2 percent of pull tabs are high quality on backpacks.

Inside compression straps to take the tension off the zippers from the inside. They also
provide extra clips if the outside and necessary clips are lost.

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