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76 Dollar is the Most I Ever Paid for Gas in My Life --- April 10, 2012

The price of gas today is 3.71 per gallon, I put in approximately 20 gallons yesterday to set a new personal record here in April 2012.

I have not owned a car for over 14 years, and I admit, it is startling to pay 76 U.S. Dollars in one payment. I always remember the gasoline stations saying,
"No 100 dollar bills accepted."

Now they are needed...

I found a fuel calculator that semi-works:


I am going to make a USA Road Trip, I suspect I will go around 100-150 miles per hop, this will cost me approximately 20 Dollar per trip. Now, I will not be doing the hop daily, but to budgeg the cost of gas is going to be a difficult calculation. However there is always a limit on a budget, and this daily amount will be the upper ceiling of cost per month.


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