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What is Up With Flirting is it Dangerous - Friends

Maybe learning to flirt, will allow you to have friends and make money.

Sun, 17 Feb 2013 21:18:18

What is up with Flirting, is it Dangerous

I just read an interesting article “Pop Science” article titled,
“Decoding the Art of Flirtation.”

It was written especially to be a pop science article attraction for Valentines Day; obviously science is bent to make headlines.

However --- whatever --- there is no truth in lending either. Pop science can be fun, but never to be trusted. Yet, what is interesting, as it described the type of flirting, attempting to explain in categories how people flirt, I was reflecting on my day.


What the writer was describing was my interaction with male motorcycle taxi drivers. I am in Natitingou, Benin, West Africa, and there are Motorcycle Taxis, they are all through West Africa. While more dangerous than collective car taxis, they are fun, and personal.

Collective car taxis are also great fun, you can meet tons of locals inside taxis, and again, you have not choice, you are going to be touching the locals.

To quote the article,
“Standing just a bit too close. An accidental brush.”

Well, getting on a back of a Moto, the Motorcycle Taxi is up close and personal, it you refuse to touch another human, you are shit out of luck, and you have no choice. This is not accidental, I always have my hands close enough to snag them, grab them, in the even they become suddenly stupid drivers, which does happen.

(It truly sucks 90-99 percent of NGO’s / ONG’s drive cars, or do not take public transport, and are totally disconnected emotional, physical, economically, and mentally.)

Hmm, were those NGO girls starved for attention?

I went to dinner with six; I think it was six ONG / NGO girls here in Natitingou the other night. We went to Chez Daniels, for sure the NGO girls know the best places to eat. It was cheap, dark, and I was surrounded by six white girls, from Germany, and Belgium, all under the age of 25 I think.

I do not know what happened, but the six were attractive. Generally the white women in Africa are not up to speed, as if we exported the frumpy ones.

One, exceptionally beautiful 19 year old German girl sat next to me, and I did my best chatting, flirting, and used as many innuendos as I felt was proper, I thought she was 26, she was exceptional for 19.

Yes, I am a flirt, but there is fine line between being a flirt, and being personable, friendly and full of love for other humans. Strangely, I gave a big hug to all of the upon leaving, and this was almost awkward, maybe they all needed hugged?

I have a snowballs chance in hell of hugging American girls, at age 57; they treat me like I have leprosy. It is too stupid, the American girl needs horsewhipped, and the boy hit on the head with a hammer.

Ok, what is my point?

Call it personal interaction, call it anything you want, but touching, smiling, flirting, shaking hands, or big old bare hugs, all is good in my book, it is human, it is humility, it is what separates us from the brutes in life.

I want University to teach people how to be personable, so they can do better at business. I want, I hope, I dream that all my nieces and nephews can be caring humans.

People used do ask me in the USA, how can you sell two houses per week? And my reply was,
“I say hi to people, all people, big, small, rich, or poor, ugly.”

I was not worried about my social status, therefore I had more friends, but maybe lower social status, but more money, nothing ever is as easy to understand as it seems.

Contrary to what you think, the more people you know, the higher your net social status, I suppose there is gross and net.

Funny, I am probably in the top 10 richest people in this city, but walking and taking Motos makes me in the lower 50 percent as social status, exactly what I want, demonstration of lower value. DLV is me, hiding in plane sight.

I am studying French 3-4 hours per day here in Benin, it is tiresome, but needed, the only way to know, to understand, and to flirt properly, is to use a few words here and there with these Benin tribal girls.

Mainly, I need French words to decode their age, they look 26, and often are below the speed limit, body language does not tell age well, only prying questions can stop the lies. As best I can tell, in West Africa, a 30 year old girl is 18, and a 15 year old girl is 18, that must be the optimal age.

Flirting or too much personal contact is not dangerous here, at least not for me, a man, but maybe the men here have no respect for woman, as is normal on planet earth. It is really tiresome to enforce respectful behavior from brutes, and in the USA, I cannot be bothered, it is not worth the hassle.

Many people in Africa can invite themselves over to visit, and according to the Hotel, the braver they are. Unfortunately and fortunately, I am in the Bellevue Hotel, one of the upper end Hotels in Natitingou.

It is too high class for the low class, and too high class to have friends; there is always a fine line.

Most people in Nati do not feel up to entering it, it is socially a little to high for their confidence level. This mean, the riffraff, I really did not ask you to visit me people refuse to enter which is a good thing, but I also lose potential friends.

But too many boundaries, too many guards, there are 100’s of ways to avoid person contact, the best being driving your own car in Africa.

Too many boundaries, too many rules, and too few friends.

Yet, I have 100’s of people here in Nati in one week to nod my head at, wink at the girls, or say Ca Va!

Yet, it is always a challenge to have a meeting of the minds, to have two of us on the same level mentally.

The Live Abroad and Still Have Intelligence - Solution is Here
I am in West Africa, within the next year, it will be possible to have Internet by USB modem in every country, and ever Hotel room on the planet. I mean, I can always call me married friends, and discuss whether Obama is an idiot? If you want to call that an intelligent conversation…

Read the article, and ask yourself:
“Am I a personable, friendly person?”

If the answer is no, and you just cannot seem to sign up for enough online dating sites, maybe you need to learn to flirt. If you are on Facebook more than one hour per day, and then think about your ability to flirt, do you know how to flirt, do you give yourself permission?

If you cannot sell a thing, maybe you need to understand that body language sells you; it is up close and personal.

On a funny note, it is always annoying in India, the boys are always flirting with me, and the girls stay away. There are many man cultures, like Niger Africa, the Islamic boys are that way, I avoid them, I have no desire to hang around and listen to men talk about sports, smoke cigarettes, and drink.

But, please, all you men, who like men, who can only be friend with the boys, who want to talk about sports, keep on doing do it, please do not stop. I enjoy all these extra women, with nobody to talk to but me, it is a tough life I live.

I enjoy people who say,
“I am private person,”
The are giving me notice, up front and honest, no point in talking with this person, he or she has too many rules to be worth the effort, there is no way to break down that type of indifference, and fear.

Learn to stop being PC, political correct, and become personable, and childlike, and come out an play.

What is Up With Flirting?