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Passing Judgment on Friends and Bad Neighbors

Travel is the best way to live in a bad neighborhoods, and have infamous friends.

Mon, 3 Sep 2012 04:37:14

Travel has forced me to accept the misfits as equals, this is a good thing, but I do not invite the crazies home for dinner. Traveling abroad can be a lonely place for the "All American Boy," looking for the homecoming queen, yet a great place to meet world class misfits. It is good to be able to identify misfits quickly, and wisdom to know how to keep them at arms length.

Only a misfit would invite some of these jokers home for dinner, or take them seriously, I always avoid mirrors when near the woo woo's, it just seems prudent.  I truly miss the homecoming queens, the cheerleaders, and the basketball stars, those goody two shoes in the USA who try their best to be sane.

I am gratefully my Mother and Father go to church on Sunday, and I am positive I trust the misfits more than the missionaries. It is such a strange planet we live on, I would like to close my eyes, and opens them to a new world.

Avoiding Punishment by Traveling the World

I subscribe to a daily newsletter by, I tell myself, it helps me to understand the world, in reality, I think it teaches me about the truly unsavory characters on planet earth.

I often think to myself when reading the headlines,
"Why do they always publish what is bad about Thailand?"

Todays headline on was,
"Pirate Bay Founder Arrested In Cambodia."

People leave the USA and Europe to avoid punishment, they come to other countries, they live next door, they are my bad neighbors who never seem to move away.

I use a "Tell" to judge friends,
I ask myself,
"Would I introduce this person to my mother and father?"

I do not care what my expat friends do, but I am not going to invite them home to meet my Mother and Father. I am in Guatemala presently, and if it was possible, I would like to introduce my Mother and Father to a few of my Guatemalan friends, and maybe 1 or 2 of the people from the USA living here, or maybe 1, or maybe not. Aagh, it is hard to have respects for people from the USA and Europe living abroad, they all make Rhett Butlers seem like a wimp.

Photos of Unsavory Famous People
- You could expect to meet this bunch traveling the world...

I collected these five photos, I only knew one of the people in the photos below before I collected them. And I cannot be bothered to label them, that to me seems bad form, I refuse to put their faces to memory.

If you know three or more of these jokers, you would be right at home living abroad, it would probably feel natural, it could be your "Home Away from Home."










Meeting famous people does not make you are better person, unless the famous person is a better person. "I would like to meet Jame Michener, and would avoid Somerset Maughan, and I refuse to read Ernest Hemingway, but have watched the movies."
- Andy Graham