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My USA Friends Are Coming to Africa

I am happy. A few of my friends are coming to Africa. We can talk, work on my Malaria project, go to the bars, party, and save lives. What good work!

Fri, 11 Oct 2013 06:16:26

I will fly to Africa on "Octobre" 16, 2013, and stay for up to 10 months working on a malaria project in my home away from home, Kara, Togo.

My USA Friends are coming to Africa!

Natitingou Girl in Benin

It is exciting that so many friends from the USA are writing, calling and planning to visit me in Africa.

On a recent Skype call with one of them, I was talking about all the fun things to do in Togo, like go to the beach and eat beef bites. Or walk around the markets, seeing all the Chinese products for sale. Or my personal favorite, eating the sugar-coated peanuts.

Yet, I also enjoy watching the people work with iron, heat it, and then take a hammer and pound metal into plowshares – real people, working as people work. What fun!

Then my friend said, “Yes, and I want to walk around with a person who speaks French, is good with the women, and will keep me safe.”

My friend is diplomatic and clever.

I said, “Oh, that is me.”

“Pas de problem.”

It is nice to think that we can go save babies from dying from malaria while living in air conditioned room for 15 USD per night. It is cheaper to travel the planet than to lose money in the USA. Go figure!

Girl in Natitingou Benin, she was a natural model, in the market, it was impossible to take a bad photo of her.