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Life Used To Be Hard Now Everything Is Easy Because Of You - Friends

You can make a simple choice today.

Tue, 29 May 2018 05:34:32

Life Used To Be Hard, Now Everything Is Easy Because Of You

Because of you, not me.

That is a song lyric, it’s a love song, called "Our House"
- Crosby Stills and Nash.

Not me, it is because of you…

Everyday we wake, and we opt in, or out:

  1. Life Used To Be Hard,

  2. Everything Is Easy Because Of You

We become you, we become whatever we allow to enter the room, there is no choice, our only choice is who we allow to be “you.” What you do to me is, what you do to me.

We Become What We Hang Around With


I am on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet, by far one of the best climates, there is no need for air conditioning, or furnaces, life is easy. I have fun story, about the “you’s” of my life here in the village of Panajachel, Guatemala, one of the 12 plus villages on Lake Atitlan. I do not live here, I visit, it is a good place to stop along my path.

There is one person in Pana who tells everyone,
“Andy does not talk with me.”

It is sort of funny, one day I look at this man, and said,
“You do not make me happy.”
“I will stop talking with YOU.”

And, I stopped, which is really not a big deal to me, I have stopped talking with 100’s of people. What is different here, I do not avoid this person, I just have closed door, I do not allow conversations to open. (boundaries)  Many of my friends avoid places, saying,
“I don’t go there.”
And, eventually they don’t go anywhere, while I go everywhere.

Life is easy because of you.
Life is hard because of you.
We can control the you, yes you can, it is simple, say nothing.

There are plenty of people to love in life.

Life is simple, your friend,

Andy Lee Graham

Crosby Stills Nash

life used to be hard now everything is easy because of you. Crosby, Stills, Nash

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