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How we can make friends, how we can keep friend, how to find friends as world travelers, how to meet friends when on walkabout?

Thu, 17 Jun 2010 04:08:14

10 Ways to Know Your Friends Never Left High School

Many older adults are stuck at age 18, they have not changed, or adapted their belief systems, and are still emotionally 18 years old.

10 Ways To Make African Friends Using Food

Food is what we all have in common, here is 10 ways, a travel tip on how to make friends quickly.

20 Words That Piss Off People - Friends

20 words that often make us relieve, feel again prior uses of the words, fun stuff to become more articulate, to speak better.

Ambient Intimacy

Ambient Intimacy is defined at friendships that surround us, but maybe not close to use, for example the facebook frriends.

Bah a Cote d'Ivoire Girl

Bah is a Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa girl who is a girl friend of Andy Graham the owner and writer for HoboTraveler.com. (Ivory Coast Girl)

Find Friends Fast

Find good friends strategies..as a world traveler, I need to enter a new city, find a few friends fast and enjoy my life.


How we can make friends, how we can keep friend, how to find friends as world travelers, how to meet friends when on walkabout?

Get People to Like You

5 good videos to watch on how to get people to like you, or how to make people happy to be around you get people to like you.

Give Somebody a Hard Time - Friends

Do you ever catch yourself giving somebody a hard time, then wonder why you did it?

Handle Emails and Texts Carefully to Avoid Losing Friends

If we think about it, if we think about emails, we often can be heard saying, he did not return my email? Why? It was quid pro quo ...

Hey What's Wrong With You? You Are Not Normal. - Friends

This woman is too much fun, she cannot be stopped.

How to Make Bankable Memories

I want to open a bank account of great memories, I always include people, without a few smiling faces around, the memory is not bankable.

How To Make Friends At Speed Of Light

Making good friends is easy, if you avoid the temptation to talk with with people with bad manners. The lesson to learn is, what is good manners?

I Am a Conspicuous Consumer of Friends and Relationships

How to have more friends than you could ever dream is possible.

I Love Dogs I Just Do Not Like Dog Owners

I want friends, but seldom make friends with owners of dogs, Paul Theroux wrote an article for Smithsonian Magazine that explains why I do not like owners

Life Used To Be Hard Now Everything Is Easy Because Of You - Friends

You can make a simple choice today.

Losing Friends by Going Off Topic - Friends

To make friends with a new group of people, it is best to talk about what interest them and not what interest you.

Make Friends by Being Used: or Try to Give Benefits to Your Friends

Your friends use you, when you accept this is normal, you can discover what benefits you bring to the table and have more friends.

My Epiphany is that I do Not Need Good Friends, if I am Honest with People

I am grateful for all my friends, and I truly enjoy a culture that feels compelled to say hello and be friendly.

My Friend Loyal I. Wilson 94 of Hudson, Indiana Died a.k.a. Junior Wilson - Friends

A good man died, his name is Junior Wilson, although Larry Kellett keeps saying, he want to be called Loyal, but to me, he is Mr. Wilson. I am age 63, he was 94, and he deserves all the respect I can muster. Thank you Junior for being a good steward.

My USA Friends Are Coming to Africa

I am happy. A few of my friends are coming to Africa. We can talk, work on my Malaria project, go to the bars, party, and save lives. What good work!

Passing Judgment on Friends and Bad Neighbors

Travel is the best way to live in a bad neighborhoods, and have infamous friends.

Travel Tip - You Need to Ask Personal Questions to Make Friends

Travel Tip, to make friends as a world traveler, you need, you must ask personal questions, the ones that stay make good friends.

What is Up With Flirting is it Dangerous - Friends

Maybe learning to flirt, will allow you to have friends and make money.

Value that is found in friendships is often the result of a friend demonstrating the following on a consistent basis:

- the tendency to desire what is best for the other.
- sympathy and empathy.
- honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one's counterpart.
- Mutual understanding.
- Mutual compassion.

In a comparison of personal relationships, friendship is considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations. Friendship and association can be thought of as spanning across the same continuum. The study of friendship is included in sociology, social psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and zoology. Various theories of friendship have been proposed, among which are social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.

Types of friendships
Some examples are as follows:

Best friend (or close friend): a person(s) with whom someone shares extremely strong interpersonal ties with as a friend.

Acquaintance: a friend, but sharing of emotional ties isn't present. An example would be a coworker with whom you enjoy eating lunch or having coffee, but would not look to for emotional support.

Mate: In the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, blokes often refer to each other as 'mates', for example, introducing a male friend as their 'mate', or a circle of male friends as 'mates'. In the UK, as well as Australia, this term has begun to be taken up by women as well as men.

Buddy: In the USA, guys often refer to each other as 'buddies', for example, introducing a male friend as their 'buddy', or a circle of male friends as 'buddies'.

Soulmate: the name given to someone who is considered the ultimate, true, and eternal half of the other's soul, in which the two are now and forever meant to be together.

Pen pal: people who have a relationship via postal correspondence. They may or may not have met each other in person and may share either love, friendship, or simply an acquaintance between each other.

Internet friendship: a form of friendship or romance which takes place over the Internet.

Fruit flies, Fag hag (female), or Fag stag (male): denotes a person (usually heterosexual) who forms deep ties or close friendships with gay men. Men (gay or straight) who have lesbian friends have been referred to lezbros or lesbros. The term has often been claimed by these straight members in gay-straight friendships, however some feel that it is deregatory.

Comrade: means "ally", "friend", or "colleague" in a military or (usually) left-wing political connotation. This is the feeling of affinity that draws people together in time of war or when people have a mutual enemy or even a common goal. Friendship can be mistaken for comradeship. Former New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges wrote:

We feel in wartime comradeship. We confuse this with friendship, with love. There are those, who will insist that the comradeship of war is love — the exotic glow that makes us in war feel as one people, one entity, is real, but this is part of war's intoxication. Friends are predetermined; friendship takes place between men and women who possess an intellectual and emotional affinity for each other. But comradeship – that ecstatic bliss that comes with belonging to the crowd in wartime – is within our reach. We can all have comrades. ”

As a war ends, or a common enemy recedes, many comrades return to being strangers, who lack friendship and have little in common.

Casual relationship or "Friends with benefits": the sexual or near-sexual and emotional relationship between two people who don't expect or demand to share a formal romantic relationship.

Boston marriage: an American term used in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to denote two women that lived together in the same household independent of male support. Relationships were not necessarily sexual. It was used to quell fears of lesbians after World War I.

Blood brother or blood sister: may refer to people related by birth, or a circle of friends who swear loyalty by mingling the blood of each member together.

Cross-sex friendship is one that is defined by a person having a friend of the opposite sex: a male who has a female friend, or a female who has a male friend. Historically cross-sex friendships have been rare. This is caused by the fact that often men would labor in order to support themselves and their family, while women stayed at home and took care of the housework and children. The lack of contact led to men forming friendships exclusively with their colleagues, and women forming friendships with other stay at home mothers. However, as women attended schools more and as their presence in the workplace increased, the segregated friendship dynamic was altered, and cross-sex friendships began to increase.

Open relationship: a relationship, usually between two people, that agree each partner is free to have sexual intercourse with others outside the relationship. When this agreement is made between a married couple, it's called an open marriage.

Roommate: a person who shares a room or apartment (flat) with another person and do not share a familial or romantic relationship.

Imaginary friend: a non-physical friend created by a child. It may be seen as bad behavior or even taboo (some religious parents even consider their child to be possessed by an evil spirit), but is most commonly regarded as harmless, typical childhood behavior. The friend may or may not be human, and commonly serves a protective purpose.

Spiritual friendship: the Buddhist ideal of kalyana-mitra, that is a relationship between friends with a common interest, though one person may have more knowledge and experience than the other. The relationship is the responsibility of both friends and both bring something to it.

Frenemy: a blend of the words fr(iend) and enemy, the term frenemy refers to someone who pretends to be a friend but actually is an enemy---a proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing in the world of friendships. Most people have encountered a frenemy at one time of another, either at school, at work, or lurking in their neighborhood. The term frenemy was reportedly coined by a sister of author and journalist Jessica Mitford in 1977, and popularized more than twenty years later on the third season of Sex and the City. While most research on friendship and health has focused on the positive relationship between the two, a frenemy is a potential source of irritation and stress. One study by psychologist Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad found that unpredictable love-hate relationships characterized by ambivalence can lead to elevations in blood pressure. In a previous study, the same researcher found that blood pressure is higher around friends for whom they have mixed feelings than it is when they’re around people whom they clearly dislike.

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