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I Love Dogs I Just Do Not Like Dog Owners

I want friends, but seldom make friends with owners of dogs, Paul Theroux wrote an article for Smithsonian Magazine that explains why I do not like owners

Thu, 26 Jul 2012 04:29:54

Dogs Love Me, and Little Annoying Children Love Me

I read the most insightful article from the "Smithsonian Magazine, explaining animal lovers by Paul Theroux today, it was extraordinary, he is a genius with words.
"Living With Geese."

I love Dogs

My Opinion on Dog Lovers a.k.a. Children
The other day, while over at Jaibalito on Lake Atitlan, here in Guatemala a big dog came up and rubbed his wet nose against my bare leg. The female owner then said,
"Don't you like dogs?"
I replied,
"The problem is dogs love me, they will not leave me alone."

The other day here in San Pedro la Laguna, where I am presently parking my body, a 10 year old boy of a white women from the USA came up to me, he hug me, and he farted a long, disgusting fart, the mother said,
"What can I do?"

I told the little boy,
"You do that again, and I will never talk to you again in my life."

The truth is, I do not like the parent of Dogs or Childrens.

I love the Dogs, I love the children, I just do not like the owners of Dogs, or the parents of children.

Why should I love a snot filled nose of a dog on my leg?

Why should I love a child that farts?

I love the dog, the child, but do not allow that sort of crap to happen, or I would not love myself, I would be without boundaries.

I can forgive a dog, it is what dogs do, they put their snotty noses on people. I can forgive a child, the do outrageous things, searching for true love, children crave love from real people they trust. Now the dogs will give love to anyone that feeds them, so they give love easy, or what people think is love. You pet the dog, it make it feel good, and you think the dog love you, all dogs like to feel good, that is not giving love, that is taking control, the owner is in control.

I will leave the children thing alone, but to me, there was a generation of irresponsilbe humans in the 60's and 70's who said to their parents they would not obey. It was the trend, in the 60's and 70's it was trendy to say the establishment was all wrong, to disagree with parents.

Now, they people had children, and the are not capable of being parents, because they believe that parents do not have the right to tell their children what do.

Aagh, a generation of children, raising children.

Quotes from the article from Paul Theroux:

"His article, "Living with Geese" contains this observation, "Animal lovers often tend to be misanthropes or loners, and so they transfer their affection to the creature in their control."

He goes on to say,

"Assigning human personalities to animals is the chief trait of the pet owner - the doting dog-lover with his baby talk, the smug stay-at-home with a fat lump of fur on her lap who says, "Me, I'm a cat person," ..." ?

"Living With Geese."

I am With You Paul

I could have allowed Paul to be the villain on his own, but instead, I told my stories to be the vilain also.

Many writers point at others, and refuse to "man up," in the end, the truly great writers like Paul are going to write their own opinions, and allow them to stand alone, without backup. But, I appreciate Paul so much, I wanted to give him the lead on being the villain.

Dogs are great, the owners of Dogs are hermits and insane, maybe I will go buy Dog, but I love people more....oops.



I love dogs, it is the owner who are problems.