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How to Make Bankable Memories

I want to open a bank account of great memories, I always include people, without a few smiling faces around, the memory is not bankable.

Opening a Bank of Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas, life is good, on with the parade, and up and at them, all the world needs something to remember. I travel as a hobby, and a job, with each new country, I open a bank account of memories, and I have 90 separate countries files. When the memory includes people, it is bankable.

When a person says Thailand, I have a few memories that enter the front of my brain, then visions float across my minds eyes, and I feel. Normally, I have a good feeling about most countries; it is easy enough to forget bad memories.

Bankable Memories

However, let me be clear, 99 percent of my memories involve people, the best memories that are bankable, ones that I can withdraw all have a few smiling faces involved.

Some of you want to go somewhere, to see something, but the secret of travel is about seeing someone. A good memory that is bankable will start with another person, or you can always be a scrooge, and count your money, cars, houses and possessions.

I am lucky to own nothing, and because nothing owns me, I am free, time to let go of all the stuff, and go in search of friends to help make some bankable memories.

Merry Christmas, life is good in Africa, in a funky, “Hey White Man,” way.

Andy Graham finding both ends of the rainbow.

West Africa 2012



Actually, Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, HO baby! Merry Christmas and all that jazz.

Everyone enjoy and think of the good things in your life and try to share whatever you may have with someone.

Bill H.

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All the best memories have people as the main characters. title=