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How to Make Bankable Memories

I want to open a bank account of great memories, I always include people, without a few smiling faces around, the memory is not bankable.

Tue, 25 Dec 2012 05:08:51

Opening a Bank of Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas, life is good, on with the parade, and up and at them, all the world needs something to remember. I travel as a hobby, and a job, with each new country, I open a bank account of memories, and I have 90 separate countries files. When the memory includes people, it is bankable.

When a person says Thailand, I have a few memories that enter the front of my brain, then visions float across my minds eyes, and I feel. Normally, I have a good feeling about most countries; it is easy enough to forget bad memories.

Bankable Memories

However, let me be clear, 99 percent of my memories involve people, the best memories that are bankable, ones that I can withdraw all have a few smiling faces involved.

Some of you want to go somewhere, to see something, but the secret of travel is about seeing someone. A good memory that is bankable will start with another person, or you can always be a scrooge, and count your money, cars, houses and possessions.

I am lucky to own nothing, and because nothing owns me, I am free, time to let go of all the stuff, and go in search of friends to help make some bankable memories.

Merry Christmas, life is good in Africa, in a funky, “Hey White Man,” way.

Andy Graham finding both ends of the rainbow.

West Africa 2012

All the best memories have people as the main characters.

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