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Give Somebody a Hard Time - Friends

Do you ever catch yourself giving somebody a hard time, then wonder why you did it?

Sun, 4 Sep 2011 04:32:47

"I like her because she smiles at me and means it."
- Anonymous

It is my belief there are people continuously in a state of prioritizing.

1. Being extremely nice to someone you do not like.

2. Being nice, because we feel it is the best idea.

3. Saying hello with no thoughts of good or bad, just saying hello.

4. Trying to avoid talking, but talking anyway.

5. Talking with a person with a tone of sarcasm, then bantering or disagreeing with the person.

6. Giving somebody a hard time.

What is the goal?

I can hear you saying, the political correct reaction, you want to say,
"There is no goal."

This is so dishonest, we either are constantly maneuvering or making judgments or we are just cows, unaware of anything we are doing. However, I must admit, maybe the majority of people are just cows, bumping and walking, never having and introspective moment, Descarte called them the "rabble."

I feel quite sure, that making friends is seldom the goal of humans, it is a lowest of priorities. Generally, we, us, them, or all of the world does everything possible to keep people at arms length. What I mean, we do our best to avoid being good with others, we want to make it difficult. There is a never-ending list of ways to give somebody a hard time.

The opposite are the charismatic and personable people on the planet who never met a person who was not their friend. (This is my goal.)

I could write, explain, and try to posture, but to make it easy to understand personality and the art of being personable, the read this article.

But the short story is this, I feel you should enthusiastically make life easy for the people around you, try to make everyone your friend, then you have hope of having a life.


Give Somebody a Hard Time - Friends

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