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Find Friends Fast

Find good friends a world traveler, I need to enter a new city, find a few friends fast and enjoy my life.

Thu, 17 Jun 2010 04:08:14

Friend are people who make you energized, they make you feel powerful and more than you was before you started talking. Friends put a smile on your face, and when you walk away from a friend you want to go conquer the world, you are not emotionally drained.

I am man, I go about the world and chase girls, I do not accept just any girl, I am selective, I look over groups of people trying to find the optimal girl for me, not you, but for me. To find friends fast as world traveler, I need to adopt this I am out to find friend attitude, and stop the belly up to the bar way or randoming finding anyone to talk. Search for friends, you must admit, and accept that finding friend fast is a good thing, to have friends is a rich man.

Do this to find friends fast:

1. Smile, without a smile, that is a deal breaker, do not go forward unless you reach in and see their smile they carry.

2. Make eye contact, generally, happier people are look people in the eyes, they are open to new friendships.

3. Have projects.

4. Find people who go do things during the day, maybe for 1-2 hours, a good friend has small pet projects, and can return and you can discuss.

5. Look at a group of people, then decide to take random chance out of the game of finding friends. Try to choose people in the group who you believe would make you a good friend. (Please do not make friends for money, that is foolish friends fast.)

6. Tell honest stories of when they was having fun, try to avoid the people who tell you how they was clever, and did something a little evil in nature.

Do not do this, or do not accept:

1. If a person say, they are very busy, then they are semi-nuts, a good friend needs to have time to be a friend.

2. Frowns on face, run...

Preparing to meet new friends.

1. Be the person you want to be, take a long look in the mirror, try to smile.

2. No malace contract in your head, tell yourself friends are great to have, that only an idiot avoids meeting great people. I now try to look upon all people and say to myself,
"And malace toward none."
- This comment said to myself, sort of forces me to look for the good in people.

The Creation of a Functional Friendship
You must open the door to communication and keep it open.

1. Exchange e-mails, then immediately up going home write the person, you should receive a reply back soon, within 5-7 days. Normally, if they do not reply, they are semi-sociopath in nature, they do not care for other people, and cannot empathize, they are dysfunctional, the e-mail exchange did not function.

2. Exchange telephone number, ping the person later by text message, or call them, then test to see if they start to do the same.

3. The "I am too busy answer." Dump, drop, drive them away, the people who are too busy for five minute phone call are nuts. A person who is in control of their time, mind, business, family has five minutes for a conversation. They have boundaries and can say, well, I have to go, do not enter into a "I will call you back" thing, this is only for a business conversation or conference call that would require a half hour of phone time.

3. Telephone appointments, dump that idea, that is not a thing friends need to do that is some business idea of friendship.

Tricks to put a smile on your face.

1. Power songs, this Van Halen song makes me smile, and want to "Jump."

Find a Friend Fast