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20 Words That Piss Off People - Friends

20 words that often make us relieve, feel again prior uses of the words, fun stuff to become more articulate, to speak better.

Sat, 1 May 2021 22:38:33

20 Words That Piss Off People

Laughing to myself for that title. Saying the words “piss off” pisses off some people, there are no limits on ways people decide they wish to be offended.

We are continuously judged by people, we can deny this; however, it is more productive if we accept we are judged. Sadly the worst judge is ourselves, and when we judge ourselves, we get angry, we have guilt, shame, confusion, denial, a river of feelings. We as humans are confused, and often in denial of our confusion. Therefore, if someone uses one of these 20 words, they exacerbate our own self-judgement, and we get more angry at ourselves. It is only natural, we would avoid people who make us angry at ourselves.

When I accept that I am confused, and say, it is ok to be confused, with time, wait, be patient, with time all my confusion disappears.

However, we can become angry at ourselves for being confused. Words that annoy people are words that confuse them. List words that confuse people, and in many ways they say,

“I do not know what that means, why are you confusing me, making my life difficult?”

People get pissed off when they are confused, they do blame the person for their confusion.

1 - Good people, bad people.

On many occasions, I have said good people, or bad people, and intelligent friends of mine would object to the words. This is confusing to me, why? To me, they are refusing to accept reality, there are good people, and bad people, I did not say all people are good, or all people are bad, I said, there exist bad people. I do meet bad people, and I do meet good people. Are they all good, or all bad, no, but some are more bad, or more good.

Saying to another person that a person is good, or bad is warning to them, as a friend. However, it appears that guilt, shame, and anger are elicited, because few people are sure if they are a good person.

2 - Obvious

Many people do not understand, and very simple things are not obvious to them. If we leave this word out of a conversation, it is simpler for them, even when it is obvious.

However, it is obvious that getting rid of the police is something a bad person would want to do, so he, or she would not be caught doing bad things.

3 - Need

It is a command to people, and ever since kindergarten, they are angry at the teacher, mom, dad, everyone says to  them, “You need to do this.”

The truth is 99 percent of things we believe are needed, are not even slightly needed. They are wants, not needs.

Well, please slow down on this word, people do not want to relive the trauma of their priest, mother, father, teacher nagging them, “You need to do your homework.”

4 - Always

It is not possible for something to be always, maybe a few scientific causal relationships, therefore, it confuses people,and I will keep writing here, confusion makes people angry. 

5 - No offence, but
This is simple, the person then follows it with an insult, be wary of anyone using this phrase, they mean to offend.

6 - Don’t mean to be critical
- Same as the no offence, they are trying to distance themselves from their next critical comment, it is not minimizing the truth, you want to be critical, sort of pretending you are not a critical person.

7 - Stupid

My guess is, in their inner most mind, close to 90 percent of people are confused, believing they are stupid, please do not make them feel more stupid, and confused by using the word.

8 - Literally
It is a platitude, seldoms used correctly, a lot of words are extra in a sentence, this one takes up space

9 - Awesome
Not a problem to use, one time a week, when used more than one time a week, it causes people to ask, “Why do you keep saying the same word?”

Generally, it is upsetting to think my friends, family, colleges are not wanting to become more articulate in speech.

10 - Dude
Not a word to be used, it assumes that we are part of the group that says “dude,” that we agree with this slang. Slang can be used with friends, with caution. Slang labeling a person as a “dude” is full of problems.

11 - If I were you
We are never another person, it is impossible, only use this phrase when a person has asked for advice

12 - I could care less

A great way to lose friends, not influence people, to say you do not care what they think.

13 - Just
An extra space word, takes up space, makes us sound like we are talking too much.

14 - Real
I have suffered anger not for 60 plus years for using this word, it confuses people, because it forces them to make a decision.

“Is this real?”

Why would a confused person want to make a decision, this is work.

15 - But
Say but disagree, please say, “yes” then disagree.

16 - No
Simple to just do something else, and let your body language say no. Please be careful, when you are afraid the person is confused, a no is required for clarification, a good word in a contract.

17 - Actually
Take up space words, do not add value to a sentence.

18 - Rule
I wrote a book about the rule of travel, I lost a lot of friends, because that word reminds people of Kindergarten, their mother, father, the preacher. However, adults do accept their rule in life, the rest of the world are infants.

19 - No problem
Confuses people for many reasons, more charismatic to not use the phrase.

20 - Should
This says to another person, that you believe you are smarter. That you can make better decisions, and you should listen, and agree. Even when you know you are much smarter, not a way to make friends by trying to prove it.  And, every person has the unalienable right to live their life doing what they want, even saying all these words.

Thank you,

Written in the nunnery in Kpalime, Togo.

Maison des Soeur Catholic Nuns live here

May 2, 2021

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