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10 Ways To Make African Friends Using Food

Food is what we all have in common, here is 10 ways, a travel tip on how to make friends quickly.

Thu, 3 Jan 2013 02:06:58

10 Ways to Make African Friends Using Food

People of want friends, and lovers, this dream is always in the back of our minds. The search for perfect friends, and lovers who we can trust reminds me of the Greek story of Sisyphus the king of Corinth punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever. The search for perfection is frustrating, is not truly a reasonable way of living.

As a world traveler who has lived in 90 countries my understanding of friendship and love has changed. While living in the USA, I put all my eggs in one or two baskets; I believed that 1-5 good friends were all I needed.

My friend’s goal is now to make “easy going” friends, people to share the day with, that help me to enjoy life. Often, I realized I ate lunch everyday in the USA with work friends, and refused to call them friends, they were my friends.

I have learned I cannot live without my casual, “easy going” friends, but can easily survive without the “one egg in the basket friends.” And, and it has come to my attention, I am now aware, that just like eating lunch with co-workers, eating is the best way to find fun friends.

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Here is 10 Ways to Get a Food Reaction Friend

1. Walk up and taste the food they are eating, trust me, this forces the door to open.

2. Walk up and cook the food, if they are not preparing your food correctly walk up and share in the cooking,

3. Share the food, offering food to another person is sharing our world.

4. Munch it and swagger: this one is confusing, but if you walk down any street on the planet eating a bag of popcorn, munching away, casually looking around, it will disarm the locals, and you can enter into conversations quickly. Do not forget the swagger walk, it is good saunter move, and is realizing to others.

5. Show disgust, and bet picky, let the person prove to you their food is good, this can lead into long conversations, comparing of foods.

6. Ask for help finding food, we all can empathize with hunger and almost anyone on the planet is willing to assist, they now how it feels to be hungry.

7. Buy for others, this is a non-threatening offer, do not buy large meals, only for lover. But small bags of cookies, small drinks, often grease the wheels of friendship. If they can afford to reciprocate, then you have a friend, never pay too much money, more than a local can afford, that just demonstrates you are different, and they cannot compete. While, you paying huge amounts of money for a lover proves you are capable of being good provider.

8. Eat the food differently than them; I often carry a pepper shake with me into the restaurant. Whatever I add extra, how I doctors up my food is interesting to the world, the whole restaurant becomes curious, and soon you have a wave of casual friends.

9. being needy ask for help with your food, everyone wants to be a father or mother in the end; we enjoy this nurturing process of feeding the children.

10. Be a regular, especially as a traveler, try to walk into the same restaurant, eat the same food daily, until the people working “know you.” If they refuse to know you, find a new restaurant, with people who want to endear themselves by knowing what the regular customer eats.

Truly food is the way to intimacy, all friends and lovers started out small and grew, and all humans understand food.

Finding common ground is easy, it is the food we eat.

Please, I beg of you, do not spend more money than the locals, real friends do not want to compete for money, they do not want to feel guilty when they cannot afford to return the friendship.

Thank you,
Andy Graham in Cape Coast Ghana 2013

Ethiopia Coffee Ceremony

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