Freighter Cargo Container Ship Travel

It is possible to travel by freighter, cargo, or container ship.


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Lawrence B (Lawrence14) commented

A friend just went Florida to Ecuador. It was more expensive than a flight but for her it was a move and she had about 6 bags so the price was competitive. She was very happy with the trip
She suggested some links:



I just clicked on:
What on earth am I to make of the page that came up? Seriously...


Doing research on this topic, traveling by freight is not for everyone, and we don't want it simple. Lawrence did some great research here, and I thank him. You are on a "Travel Forum," type page, not cleverly written articles, there is an inherent problem with honest information, it is confusing. Please read this link Please take care, Hobo Traveler is not for everyone.


All I really did was admit my ignorance and confusion. Sorry if I offended anyone's sensibilities. I truly apologize.

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