Alarm Clock for Travelers

Let's talk about the gear, clothing, equipment, and other
fun toys and paraphernalia for Hobo Travel.

What I carry? - Battery Powered Alarm Clock

Rules of thumb:
- Make it cheap so when you lose it.
- It must be inside a box that closes.
- Do not think some backpacker hotel will wake you.
- Turn the alarm off or your neighbors will holler.

A cheap good alarm clock is hard to find. A wind up
one or a battery powered one is good. It must be inside
a box that protect the little buttons that turns on and off the
alarm or you will find it ringing inside the airplane, bus, or
train and driving the world crazy when the button is turned
on accidentally. The little box stops this.

I bought this one in the photo in Dohuk, Iraq.

Thanks - I BE HOBO
I would never sacrifice all the pleasures of life and
consider this required gear for my home on my back.

These photos are part of newsletters of Andy World Travels
Newsletter # 144

A very good clock purchased in Dohuk Iraq - Has a light and when you shut it the alarm switch is off.


See that little white button, that is the alarm shut off - When you close the box here this is pushed inside and
there is no alarm going off inside your bag.

Made by Pearl - But I do not know where?

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