Contact Andy of to sell your product on my site!

If you want to sell a product on There are 2 ways.

1. Pay to advertise and get you link on whole site.

2. You can have your product sold with my list of products. I do not sell a product unless I believe in the product so I will need a sample of your product to test. I am in another country so that gets more difficult.

But first send me an emails with description and photos. This is a good way to start. The more details the better.


But... Here is my e-mail address anyway. But if you are not a member, I may not reply. I have to PAY to write you back. I work in internet cafe's in underdeveloped countries, and I pay by the minute. This is a GRAPHIC for illustration of my email address. This stops the spammers from harvesting email from the page.

You will have write it down and type it manually into the letter.

I get hundreds of e-mails daily... MOSTLY spam

So PLEASE place in the subject line...

EXAMPLE Subject: (You full name) to Andy

Best E-mail address:

2nd Best
This is a Graphic / You cannot cut and paste

Thanx    Andy the
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