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10 Pockets  $25 Dollars USA
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FOR SALE  $25.00 US plus 6 Dollars Shipping = $31.00 US       



Hang these up on the wall. It only takes up 18 inches of space. Less than a chair. But you could put 30 T-shirts in this organizer easily. 3 will fit in a backpack easily. Pack and unpack quickly.


Disorganized. But it is in its space. The logo is my little Hobo guy.
If you make you own. 


Lots of ways to hang this up. Hook - Eyelet Screws - Tie it up with the rope - Tie up with the straps - Hang it over a bar.
Eyelet screw. If you need to make you own hanger spot.
Hanger - Normal
Tie it up.
Velcro Flap. You can hook this on a normal hanger. Or hang it over the bar in the closet.
The special all purpose hanger. For all places.
Made of normal PVC pipe. You can replace if lost. Or broken anywhere in the world. A normal hanger will not fit in your bag good.
Tie it up with the straps.
These straps are about a meter long. They are meant to tie the bag up in a roll.
Very secure bindings.
Laid out and ready to roll up.
Rolled up, and secured with the nylon straps. You can tie it to the outside of the bag. For extra storage.

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FOR SALE  $25.00 US plus 6 Dollars Shipping = $31.00 US       


Hello, Here is a link about: TITLE: Organizer for backpack. Helps to keep clothes and small objects in order.