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Video of Food Costing 5 Dollars for April 13, 2012

This is a video of all the food Andy Graham of ate on April 13, 2012, showing you can eat for five dollars per day.

This is the food I purchased on April 13, 2012, I am demonstrating you can eat easy enough on five dollars per day. I did not eat all the bread, and did not eat the can of beans.

Note, it is much easier to budget food when there are two or more people, to buy one person portions is difficult.

Please folks.... I have not lived in the USA for 14 years, buying food here is in a way a mystery, I am still learning...

Did you know, that one spoonful of Olive Oil is suppose to be the same anti-inflammation value as an Ibuprofen?


Today is Sunday, I hope there are egg wraps at Aldi's. I got on the Internet and found there was an Aldis on Lima Road. With the cost of gas at 3.69 today, it cost me 1-2 USD just to go anywhere, while outside the USA I do not drive. My Mother told me there was an Aldi's up that way, and I want to go to Ganders to try to buy a one-burner propane stove. I must be like a carpenter, every trip has to be carrying something. The USA has one huge benefit, that is food selection. There is no place on the planet where I can have any type of food I want, only on the USA. There is an endless selection of exotic foods to be eaten here if you want to spend the money. Dollar Store are a great place to buy snacks, and I found out I can buy the toasted corn, like I buy in Latinos countries at Walgreens for one dollar. I saw Cachautes Japanes in the International grocery on Broadway that caters to Mexicans, I am addicted to them.


Gander was expensive, and Home Depot had nothing, I will try Kmart. That sounds like that singer burner that sits on top of a small 16 oz tank. I am not sure, thinking about a single burner and the full 20 pound tank. I have yet to make up my mind, but for sure I will walk around in Kmart soon. Thank Andy

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