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U.S. Food Portions Are Making Me Sick

The other night, after eating a normal U.S. meal, I got sick. Each time I return to the USA, I eat too much – there is too much food in the USA for me.

I have lived outside the USA now for over 15 years in countries where there is not much food selection. There just is not much on the menu. A person has to eat what is available and be happy. I seldom overeat. It is difficult to stuff myself because one gets bored with eating the same foods.

USA food Portions

Yet inside the USA, there is such an overabundance of food – it is amazing. When I return to the USA, I am anxious; I find myself continuously thinking about food I have not eaten for months. I left the USA in October 2013 and returned May of 2013 after seven months abroad. After so much time away, one thinks he deserves a good meal.

The other night, I ate an ordinary U.S. meal – nothing large, just normal. (In fact I, often eat less than other people around me.) Yet, upon driving home, I remembered there was ice cream in the freezer, and thought to myself, “What the hell, I have not eaten ice cream in months.”

I ate a big bowl of ice cream, and a few minutes later, it was as if there was a volcano in my stomach. All these foods reacted, and the food was being rejected. My stomach refused to keep it, and I vomited.


I truly believe that after living outside the USA for over 15 years and only coming here to visit, my stomach is different. I no longer have an American stomach. It is the stomach of a person from underdeveloped countries.

I am not complaining. I am half the size of people around me, and everyone my age is older than me. …

Andy Graham


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