Order Food Online and Send Overseas with British Food Shopping British Expats Supermarket

People can live abroad, but order food from Britain and have sent to your home abroad.

Food Online

Giving up you own cultures food is painful, here is a solution. You can order food online and have it sent worldwide.



Make sure you ask them for the parcel tracking numbers for your delivery (they don't give them unless you ask). My order was sat with their local courier for 2 days - despite me providing a local telephone number!

Good products, but hefty prices and hefty shipping.

Good tip: go to amazon.co.uk and you can get free shipping of items to european countries - just ensure that you order items which are sold and shipped directly by amazon. They have quite a good range and you save on the expensive shipping.


Which country are you having food sent to?


I had them send an order to Greece.

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