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No Turkey on Thanksgiving Here in Dominican Republic but also No Snow

Thanksgiving is a USA Holiday, and truly difficult to enjoy overseas, but communication is making it difficult to ignore.

Turkey in Dominican Republic

I feel left out this year, no turkey, no pumpkin pie for me, no never ending noise from nieces and nephews. It is so easy for people to call me from the USA, it is imposible to ignore Thanksgiving I am available anywhere on the planet with my USA landline number that forward to all countries.

Turkey's as a type of meat is spreading around the planet, but peace, freedom and the Internet are doing a much better job.

10 years ago as a person who lives abroad Thanksgiving in the USA was easy for me to ignore.

NOW! With the Internet, E-mail,, and a USA number that forward to me here in the Dom Rep, it is almost impossible to ignore.

Wild Turkey Walking, Guatemala
This photo's source is Wild Turkey Walking, Guatemala

I often say, there are three type of people who live abroad, live overseas, or retire abroad.

Wanted, Unwanted and Hermits

1. Wanted

2. Un-wanted

3. Hermits

The "Hermits" can ignore the whole world, they can go live in a gated community, and because 90 percent do not speak Spanish, the local language of the DR, they can avoid all intimate contact. They just hide farther away, and this is fine with me, living abroad is the world greatest way to isolate, China would really get the job done.

I am not a hermit.

The "Unwanted," that is me, the culture of the USA just does not know what to do with me, but I stil have my five close intimate and authentic friends.
(Truly, I have 15 good friends, I am rich, but no use bragging.)

Mark in New York gets in his car to drive to Rochester, on the one-hour trip he calls me using my USA number that forward here. It cost me 2 cents U.S. per minute.

This is what has increased in the last 10 years, the general public has embraced e-mail, and soon they will embrace if they do not go broke.

I am never farther than a call away from anyone who cannot type.

So, my five friend call and razzle me, no turkey for you. I said,
"I can eat sliced turkey, but hot so good."

The "Wanted" are close to the Hermit, but very sociable with other Expats, however take their picture or make a video and you will see them run to hide.

What is great, and I thank the good Gods for this, in the last two years, I have been able to renew my friendships with people at home. to become closer again to people that thought of me as "Too Far Away." to talk. 80 percent still do, they are now learning to take their photos off the cell phone, but Thank the good Gods, they will learn to caller ID me, and click on the number and call me soon.

I anticipate in less than 1-2 years, I can call them, they caller ID me, add to their contacts, and return the call. If I do not tell them where I am, they will just begin our normal rambling about things.

Thank you, the world has become so small, I can live anywhere and never worry. This works in any country, Ghana, Kenya, Thailand, this is more advanced in the poor countries, they have better Cell Phone Tower systems.

I am hope that anyone in truly horrible economic situations, maybe the person who is 62, lost his or her job, did everything wrong will try to understand me.

Who wants to live abroad and abandon, or desert friends of 62 years? Not me, not you, well, the living abroad now allows for me to live anywhere and keep my friends. I know better what is happening with my parents than my sisters and brother, because I am connected.

62 Living on 800 USD in Dominican Republic, and you are Rich

I live in a great room, cost 260 USD per month, 10,000 Peso, I have high speed Internet, I can download 15 Gigs of movies per day. I have color TV with 80 plus channels, bathroom with no light for mirror, (The big problem for me is lighting for the mirrors.)

I recommend anyone who feels desperately poor to get on plane to Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, etc and become a rich man or woman in your old age, and be as poor as me, but a rich man.

List of 100 Expat Cities, about 90 you can do the 800 per month living thing.
100 Expatriate Colonies - Careful, Mexico is becoming too expensive.


I am 30 yards from the beach, it is quiet, peaceful.

I give Thanks, and I am grateful.

Andy Graham

No Turkey on Thanksgiving Here in Dominican Republic but also No Snow title=