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I am Always Debating If I Can Eat Cheaper in the USA or Third World Countries

The problem with the USA is temptation, the food is cheap, but temptation to buy expensive food is so prevalent, it is hard to avoid.

Thu, 13 Oct 2011 07:30:49


"And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen."
- Matthew 6:13

This sentence encapsulates all the wisdom needed to live, and appears to be the most ignored sentence on the planet. I beg with myself, I plead, I set up rules, in a way my whole day is centered around my preoccupation to avoid temptations.

I just returned from Guatemala, I am 55 years old and my body has began the downward journey to failure, while my body used to function with ease, no maintenance or work involved, now any small problem can become a major problem.

I figure it is this way, my major focus in my life should be health, if I am in good health everything in my life is possible. I can have friends if my mind is fast, quick and responsive. Friends do not enjoy me sitting around complaining about my body, and I try my best to avoid listening to them talk about the weather. I can change my body, but I cannot change the weather.

Eating right, eating healthy, is both cheap and highly expensive.

I got off the flight from Guatemala to Chicago, I stopped and got a coffee fully aware I was increasing the acid balance in my body, but an addiction is an addiction, I was in need of a fix.


What to eat, the yogurt counter, milk is full of fat, did not make sense, but the was selling a banana at the airport for 1.21 USD. This is about 10 times more expensive than Guatemala. I had a choice, to buy the banana and pay the big bucks or eat the fast food crap, yogurt is not a health food. I avoided temptation and ate a banana, that is supposed to be low acid.

I try to spend around 3-5 USD per day for food, in the USA or abroad, this is all I need to eat, it cost me normally about one dollar per meal. Any more than that spent and I gain weight, the more I am tempted to spend, the worst my diet is for health and the fatter I can become.

Do I need more than a banana for breakfast?

I asked my mother, how much does a can of butter beans cost here in the USA? She says,
"69 Cents."
I reply,
"I would need to pay 2-3 USD for them in Guatemala."

Yes, I can buy fresh vegetables, but close to impossible for me to cook in a Hotel room, the only easy option for eating is cooking canned vegetables over an alcohol flame.

I cook in my room, I am the 1 in 100-200 people who does this, the other are prone to temptation of tourists restaurants.

The cost of food in the USA is insanely cheap, but the temptation to upgrade is insanely high.

I could go rent an extra bedroom in someones house, maybe above the garage and pay from 100-150 per month, eat food from the Aldis or Grocery and be insanely happy in my simplicity.

I am not sure, everyone wants to make my life complicated.

In reality, if I said no to everything, my life would be 1000 times better.

I live a life less normal by traveling the plane perpetually, the reason it is possible is because I can say no to temptation. Traveling the planet quadruples the amount of temptations, while staying one place limits them. I enjoy my life, but not sure about all the other people constantly made slave to temptations.

Right now the interesting thought is this, what is the difference between a Fava Bean, a Butter bean or Lima Beans?

Life is very simple, until you say yes to something you do not obviously understand.

I am Always Debating If I Can Eat Cheaper in the USA or Third World Countries title=