How Important is Organic Food to you? Is it a Tax on the Gullible?

Are people who eat organic food gullible?

I was talking to "Boy Genius," from the sub-continent, my partner and friend about the USA food. I said,
"I can eat any food I want in the USA, American have an incredible selection."
"I can walk into any supermarket and buy really great vegetables, cheap."

Now, he is from another country --- looking in, or reading in, or listening in...

What does that last sentence mean?

Well, the USA over-projects ideas to the outside world, for example, many people from foreign countries seem to believe there are people walking into schools daily and shooting everyone, they say things like
"It is dangerous for children to go to school."
Why do they say this? Because the USA news media over-state, over-sensationalize, over do everything, they turn a mustard seed into a garden of bad news about the USA.

People in Thailand think snow is dangerous.

Organic food

Boy Genius thought in the grocery story, they are spraying foods with chemicals.

Now, I read a lot, I can drift away on for hours, I just read for 1-2 hours about "organic food." It is hard to find proof or facts on the internet, it is lacking in reference, trying to turn opinions into facts.

This forum page was out-standing, but still lacking.
Violet asked a question,
"Does anybody have evidence to prove that it (organic food) is better for you?"

Before you read it, try to remember her question, she wants proof, is there any links or true proof offered on the page, or it is all just anecdotal information to "Tax the Gullible."
- There is a need for references, the organic food bunch seem to not need references, they believe well stated opinions.

Do they spray chemicals on fresh foods in Super Markets?

My brother in law works for Food Marketing Super Value, he is upper management, and an incredibly smart man, I suspect he is on the short list...

I asked him if the grocery stores sprayed the foods with chemicals.
But, in the warehouses, they need to spray Bananas to start them to turn yellow, or they would never turn yellow.

He went into detail, and could told me how they kept the organic food separated and other T.M.I. information.

My beliefs on organic food is without proof...

I do not trust organic farmers, I believe that anyone would say their food is organic food if they could make more money.

If I wanted to eat organic food, I would start a garden, because people will cheat on their taxes, the average human will lie and cheat on anything to make money. It is the same as the Eco-tourist companies, I do not know any ecotourism places, it is all just green washing to me.

I see the whole thing as a big marketing program.

I do not want to eat pesticides.
Of course I do not want to eat food with a micro-thin layer of pesticides on it, if it kills insects, then with enough toxic chemicals in me, I will eventually die. However, I do not trust the labels that say "organic foods." Most people who eat organic food would refuse to be a "Lowly Farmer."

Now, I worked on a farm for from age 12 until to age 21, I know farming, and there is no status in saying you are a farmer from Indiana. They consider us unsophisticated, stupid, Hoosiers, who somehow are not capable of having brains. Even though, Indiana is full of Germans, the Germans were smart enough to settle on good farm land.

I am proud to say,
"I am not a city kid."
To call me a city kid is to insult me.
"I am a farm boy from the small town of Orland, with 400 people."
Orland Indiana

I say this, even though it creates a negative image, there is always a "Social Status" currency, if a person say they eat organic food, they get more respect without any accomplishment, merit without work.
"I speak French, it has social currency to say."

Fun stuff, and I think I will go eat a Taco today at Taco Bell. Why? Because I enjoy Tacos, and life is for the living, so either get living or get dying.

I look for ways to optimize my happiness, not to optimize my worries.

Andy Graham from the town of Orland, Indiana, a farm boy gone world citizen.


The terms, GMO, and Organic are deliberately confused so that much of the 'organically *grown*' foods you see today are GMO's GMO's have been banned in much of Europe because tests have shown they drive up a very wide range of disease rates in both humans and animals by hundreds of percentage points. Study up on what GMO's are. You will not want to eat them.

They are however becoming pervasive. I have done work for large organic produce distributors, virtually all of the produce they sold looked perfect...the tomato's in a pallet full were all the same size and color, and tough as nails.. GMO's. but raised with some real horse pucky on them and no they were 'organically grown'...but not actually organic... the pesticides were cultured via genetic modification into the tomato itself... the Germans are convinced by extensive tests that those ruin ones are most other nations.

In the US the dollar rules at any cost, so we now have the ex head of Monsanto (GMO heavy) in charge of the nations agriculture.

What do I eat? I eat whatever the store has, I will be deader than hell anyway in decade or two. For the kids, its a nasty situation to be in....between GMO's and Fukashima these are in deep trouble, autism, cancer and diabetes rates are skyrocketing (you have to dig out the truthful stats on that however).

The kids especially in their early years are hundreds if not thousands of times more adversely affected by these contaminants and genetic modifications than adults are.

for some intelligent unbiased, alarming and well documented video on the broader subject search youtube for 'trance - formation', Max Igan... then a few hundred other video's by others will come up in the right margin.

search you tube for vids by 'missMilkyTheClown', fukashima' for expose on that mess.

The combo is nasty for the entire northern hemisphere and all of the oceans, not so bad at all in the southern hemisphere.

the related political corruption and GMO's however are spread pretty much everywhere however.


There is a belief that only rich, or politicians or big business will misrepresent information to make money. Normally, all people in a culure behave relatively the same, therefore people selling organic food are just as big a liars the ones selling genetically modified. Money rules, and the truth is lost. And again, if I wanted to eat organic foods, I would have a garden.


I have been a gardener for years and years now, I even have a mobile garden growing microgreens in the truck I live in! I have seen nor read any real evidence to say organic is a better food for You to consume. It might be all marketing, to get more dough , as anyone can plant a seed and grow "organic " so what else could it be?


Regarding the issue of 'anyone can plant a seed and grow organic'... the GMO seeds produce genetically modified produce, and those have proven to be unhealthy. The produce has pesticides built into it... they ruin ones health according to research in many other nations who have outlawed GMO's.... when you buy non GMO seeds you may not be getting non GMO seeds.. much of the previously natural crops have been cross contaminated with GMO's by the pollination process. search google for 'monsanto, sues'
... they even sue the neighboring farmers who planted natural, if their crops get cross pollinated by bees from the GMO farm next door...its quite a ruthlessly destructive situation.

its getting to be a complete epidemic.


The primary distinction and relative value of organic verses conventional produce, is in its "BRIX Reading. Every vegetable and fruit has its own optimum BRIX number, which is a measurement of its sugar content. With sugar content, one also determines overall mineralization. Low BRIX Reading, low sugar content and low nutritional value. Of course, to be fair, the BRIX Reading can by applied to either organic or conventional produce. However, generally speaking, the BRIX Reading will be higher in organic than conventionally grown produce. Briefly, Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is the sugar content of an aqueous solution.

Soils that have been sterilized with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, contain little if any aerobic microbial activity. Other than the big three - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the array of the minerals and trace elements that should be bioavailable in "whole soil," are missing or depleted. The carbon cycle itself is dysfunctional and in many cases shut down. For both plants and human beings, minerals and trace elements are the necessary building blocks of life, just as enzymes are the sparks of life in all whole, living unprocessed foods. In milk for instance, without the lactase enzymes necessary for catalysing or converting lactose milk sugars into galactose and glucose, lactose sugar remains unconverted for proper cellular metabolism, often fermenting in the gut and leading to such inverted false diagnosis' as "lactose intolerance." Essentially, one does not become lactOse intolerant, rather, one is lactAse enzyme deficient. The story of milk is a long one, but pasteurized milk is unhealthy and lacks the essentially curative properties, that whole raw milk derived from healthy grass grazed cows contains. In fact, in the current processed and adulterated food diet, most foods are not only minerally deficient, but completely devoid of their respective food enzymes, thus containing little if any vibrational or food energy value.

In addition to their respective sugar and mineral contents, the other issue of course, is whether a fruit or vegetable has been grown upon sterile soils, commercial fertilizers and sprayed with chemicial pesticides due to their inherent defects. Generally, healthy plants do not require spraying with pesticides, this, by-en-large, because a healthy plant does not emit a distress frquency, thus attracting insects - nature's recyclers, in the first place. This is an engineered dependency, predicated on the one hand upon a mismanagement or lack of proper management and a regular remineralization of the soils, plus an adulteration of the seed pool to actually create a chemical dependency in the instance of GMO seeds. As Julius Hensel explains in his 1893 book, Bread From Stones, and Charles Walters reinforces in his foreward to Hensel's book, our soils are in desperate need of remineralization.

In any case, it is the mineral content of a fruit or vegetable, determined by its respective BRIX Reading, that offers the most important measurement and distinction in value between organic verses conventional produce. Refractometers for doing BRIX Readings are available for ordering through the net.


Im with david on this one. All is not lost folks, not even here in America. Its all about priorities and not giving up. I have been into happiness AND health for decades and think its a wonderfull place to be. Sure its a challenge, but like everything else, it can be as fun as any other challenge in life, and it also helps the cause. Taking up the challenge to find healthy food helps everyone. I love tacos too, but I like finding REAL tortillas without chemicals, and placing the healthiest best tasting food inside. I would say most Americans think this is too much trouble for them, and is not a Priority. I love it, and wish more people would, as it would make this world a better place.

Page Turner

What kind of genes do you have. My father in law and mother in law lives to be 92 and 88 and ate lard, pork and whatever they wanted all their life and were perfectly healthy until they were hit by another car on the highway in their truck one cold snowy night and after that my mother in law went down hill but my father in law lived for years. All IN THE GENES.


There was a woman in France who lived to 122. When asked wqhat she attributed her logevity to, she responded she didn't have an anxiety in her life. She also smoked moderately until 119. Further, one must account for context and environment. The large scale and centrally processed and adulteratd food most people are consuming today, is not the whole foods of yesteryear. Further, more people today lead sedentary lives in front of TV and computers. A consumption rather than a production of basic wealth like food and clothing, dominates the economic terrain - largely at the end of what has become the Corporate feeding chain. Fundamentally, genes do not determine longevity.


I enjoy life, and do not worry, and do not fret about this stuff, but try my best to avoid the foods "I learned to like." I am quite sure I will live to be 90-95...

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