Filing System

We research a subject, we study, we learn then a person ask a question... The art of teaching is a fast retrieval of the source, the references. we need a filing system.

List of ways I, Andy Lee Graham store knowledge, for later use...

I acquire knowledge in many ways, generally it is an organized, focused, serendipitous, most temptation to read, watch system.

How I research?

1. Google Alerts
2. Friends
3. Notecards threads
4. Referred by person I am reading, or watching.
5. Books
6. Films
8. YouTube 
9. Focused searches on Google


1. Travel Articles written by Andy Lee Graham

2. Books written by Andy Lee Graham

3. Books in process of being written by Andy Lee Graham

1. YouTube Channels

2. YouTube Playlists

3. YouTube Subscriptions

5. Bookmarks on computer

6. Subject file, a MS Works database sent to DropBox

7. Master Google Sheets pointing to Google Sheets, and Google Docs

8. Folders on computer.backed up on Dropbox

9. Folders in Yahoo Mail - not backed up.

10. Contacts on Phone backup up on Google

11. Contacts on Skype, backed up on Dropbox

12. MS Works Databases backed up to Dropbox

13. USB chip of 128 K

14. Books stored on computer, backup up on Dropbox. 

15. Pinterest filing by photo.

16. Instructables, filing by invention.

YouTube Channels by Andy Lee Graham

Thu, 5 Sep 2019 13:21:48

YouTube Channels by Andy Lee Graham

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