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Tips For Conquering Travel Fears

I am a non-stop world traveler for over 18 years, and 107 countries, we all can over-come our fears and doubts.

David TennisTraveler a Verified Member on wall asked,

“Do you have any tips on conquering fears?”

First a story…

A long long time ago, in a small Midwestern town of Orland, Indiana lived a boy, who was about to become a man…

I am Andy Lee Graham, and I am an alcoholic. I stopped drinking 28 years ago on February 12, and I can never remember the year, this was not a good time for me, I was scared to death the USA legal system was going to put me in prison for two years. When you get 2-5 drunk drivings, by law, the state of Indiana defines me, good kid Andy, a habitual offendor, with a mandatory sentence two years in prison.

Memories of the sitting in a closet to feel safe.

No one should every experience the feelings that accumulate, after being drunk for weeks on end, as the mind slowly travels toward insanity, as the brain slowly becomes wet, one falls into a black haze of fear, there is no reason to live, the only hope is to swallow more alcohol, forcing the brain to shut off, pass out, and hope to not wake up again to face the fears.

Watch this video from the film “Apocalypes Now,” about the best way I can explain the fears.

As for me, Andy Lee Graham, I would go into the closet, full of clothes, sit inside, all noises muffled, hoping the world would never find me, never force me to feel again, never force me to think, I wanted it all to stop, I want my brain to stop torturing me.

Ok, every piece of writing has a story, and the story is allow the audience to know, the writer is human, frail, and has problems, before he, or she explains to walk away from the old story, and write a new one.

Today, I feel safe, even though there is probably more danger in my life, it is hard to say I have conquered my fears, but they do not control my life.

Now some of you want to scream at me,
“3-4 drunk drivings, you deserve what you get.”

Yes, I deserved what I got, one year on house arrest, and they took away my drivers license for 10 years, and, Andy Lee Graham drove on a moped in snow storms.

I paid the price to conquer my fears, and became a better person for it, and some of you just sit in fear, living with the bargain you have made with life, and you also get what you deserve, never more.

Tips on How to Conquer Fear

Millions of fears,

1. Identify the fear? When you are angry, that is the body protecting you from fear.

2. Honesty is needed, not delusions or shame.

3. Desenstize yourself.

4. Premediated statements of denial.

5. In the end, champion being macho, man up, and stop whinging.

6. Remove anyone from your life who does not mach up.